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Use the YourGOV app for Multnomah County road service requests. Find it online or download the app from the iPhone App Store or Google Play.


YourGOV is an online tool that allows residents to submit non-emergency maintenance requests for roads maintained by Multnomah County, using a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. 

Once submitted, your request is automatically delivered to the county’s Road Maintenance staff for review and routing.  You can track the county’s response and resolution of your request on YourGOV’s online map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    How do I download the YourGOV app?
A:    Go to the iPhone app store or Google Play for Android devices. To access YourGOV online from your computer, visit

Q:    How do I submit a service request on YourGOV?
A:    Open the app on your mobile device or online from your computer. You will be asked to provide the location of the issue on a road and what type of issue you are reporting. Your request will be shown on a map.

Q:    What happens after I submit my request?
A:    You will receive an email confirming your request has been received. The email will update you on the status of your request. When the county responds to your issue, you will receive a follow-up email. 

Q:    Can I reply to the emails YourGOV sends me?
A:    No. But you can track the status of your request online. If you still have a question, contact Road Maintenance Manager at 503-988-0210.

Q:     I did not receive a reply to my request. Why?
A:    You need to provide your email address in order to receive a reply email.

Q:    How do I track what happens to my request?
A:    YourGOV posts your request to a map, marking the location you provide. You can click on the dot for your request to read your request. When your request is resolved, you will receive an email.

Q:    What other information does the map show?
A:    The map shows requests from other residents.

Q:    Can I submit a request for any road?
A:    If your request involves a road that is maintained by Multnomah County, the request will be processed by county staff.  If your request is about a road maintained by another agency, we will work to notify the other agency and let you know. When the app is next updated, we expect it will be able to automatically forward requests to other jurisdictions that use the same app. 

Q:    How do I know if Multnomah County maintains the road with my service issue?
A:    YourGOV will accept your request if the road is maintained by Multnomah County. 

Q:    What type of requests can I submit?
A:    Examples include issues related to drainage, graffiti, hydrants, illegal dumping, manholes, potholes, sidewalks, signs, streetlight and trees.

Q:    Can I submit complaints about traffic congestion or suggestions for new road projects?
A:    YourGOV was created for road maintenance requests, and not these planning issues. For transportation planning issues, email 

Q:    I don’t own a smartphone.  Can I still use YourGOV to make service requests?
A:    Yes. You can also access YourGOV with a laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection at

Q:    I don’t have a smartphone or a computer. How else can I report a road maintenance issue?
A:    Call 503-988-5050.  If it is a life-threatening emergency, call 911.


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