This page hosts a partial resource list for the Multnomah County Tax Title Public Sale March 20, 2017.  However, it is not exhaustive and is not a substitute for buyer's independent due diligence and satisfaction of the condition and value of any particular property.  All properties are sold “AS IS.” Potential buyers should thoroughly investigate all aspects of a property prior to bidding. Multnomah County does not guarantee or warrant that any parcel is usable for any particular purpose. Please be advised that County employees are not authorized to answer specific questions regarding the properties, including but not limited to: the size, the condition, the planning, zoning or building codes or regulations applicable thereto. Any statement by a County employee on these matters is not binding on the County; except and unless such a statement is made by a County Land Use Planning Division staff member in the context of a formal land use decision wherein the County is the land use planning jurisdiction with respect to the subject property.  It is highly recommended buyer and interested parties independently verify any information and identify all relevant information.  We cannot conduct real property research on behalf of any bidders.

  • DEEDS: Multnomah County makes no warranties or guarantees regarding the title to the properties offered for sale, but shall only sell and convey such interest as the County acquired by foreclosure or other means and holds at the time of sale.  These deeds are the original acquired interest and not a substitute for independent title research and due diligence.  DEED 2014: R235485, R334310, R305590, R298474.  DEED 2015: R121625. DEED 2016_6: R20711.  DEED 2016_9:  R184140, R301021, R139147.  DEED 2016_11: R336601, R115539, R171867, R145064.

  • LEAD-BASED PAINT: Buyers must review Earnest Money Agreement, Exhibit 2, Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards, Lead Warning Statement and the brochure below:

  • CERTIFICATE OF SALE:  Certificate of Sale 2017 (89.39 KB)

  • ZONING MAP CHANGES: Some of the properties may be subject to zoning changes. This map shows the adopted changes to the base zones, overlay zones and plan district map designations. The changes were proposed as part of the Comprehensive Plan Early Implementation Projects. There may be other zoning changes, land use restrictions, or applications which should be independently researched by any interested bidder.

  • URBAN RENEWAL: Some of the properties are located within a PDC Urban Renewal Area.

  • DART RESOURCES: The Division of Assessment, Recording and Taxation (DART) has research tools including Records and Maps.

  • NOTICES OF VIOLATION: Some of the properties are subject to Notices of Violation.  While City liens are satisfied by the County as seller, the buyer will be responsible for the underlying conditions upon sale.  These are known violations, however, it is not exhaustive and each property at the Public Sale should be independently researched:

  • SURVEY: Multnomah County has no obligation to survey the properties.  The presence or an absence of a survey commissioned by Multnomah County for a subject property does not imply any condition or satisfaction of boundary, title, or accessibility of any property.  When a survey is commissioned, it is linked here:

  • INTERIOR CONDITIONS: Some of the properties have conditions of mold, lead paint and structural compromise that make interior access impractical.  These interior photos provide some indication of the conditions without any independent investigation by Multnomah County.  The properties are sold "AS IS."