238th Drive project area
Project Information:

Project Description:

This project will make it easier for trucks to navigate the curve on this section of 238th. It will also improve access for other modes of transportation, including pedestrians and bicyclists.

The improved road will include:

  • A 14-foot southbound (uphill) lane with a 12-foot passing lane

  • A 15-foot northbound lane

  • 10-foot shared paths for walking and biking on both sides

  • Improved drainage and vegetation

  • As few property impacts as possible

The project is a top priority in the East Metro Connections Plan. It was identified by a consensus of the four East County cities and Multnomah County.

The road currently has no bike lanes and just a narrow sidewalk on one side. The improvements will create an opportunity to improve all modes of transportation and improve access to adjacent businesses.

The current road is also difficult for freight. Many trucks are restricted here. The changes will allow trucks to connect more easily between US26 and I-84. Improved freight movement on 238th will help balance truck traffic between the four I-84 exits in East County.

Existing and post-project views of NE 238th Drive looking north.
Existing and post-project views of NE 238th Drive looking north.

Public Involvement

A public meeting was held on June 6, 2017 at Wood Village Town Hall. Public comments from the meeting will be posted to this website soon. Here is the meeting presentation. 238th Drive meeting presentation, 6-6-2017 (773.1 KB)

A summary of public comments from the meeting is here:

Public comments from 6-6-2017 238th Drive Project Meeting (45.17 KB)

The project team briefed the city councils of Troutdale and Wood Village at public meetings in spring 2017.

To contact the project team with questions or comments, or to sign up for project updates, complete and submit the web form below. Construction is expected in 2018-19.

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