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older coupleFamily Caregiver Relief Fund

Who's eligible:

  • Unpaid family members, friends, neighbors, or domestic partners caring for a person 60 years old or older or for a person of any age with Alzheimer’s or another dementia
  • Caregiver living in Multnomah County
  • The person in care must need substantial assistance in two of the following areas:
    • bathing
    • behavior
    • dressing
    • eating
    • elimination
    • mobility/walking
    • personal hygiene/grooming
    • transferring
  • Family caregivers caring for a person receiving only financial assistance (SNAP, medical card) through Medicaid may be eligible if they meet the all other eligibility requirements. 
  • Family Caregivers whose household monthly income is:
    • $3,035 for a family of 1
    • $4,115 for a family of 2
    • $5,195 for a family of 3
    • $6,275 for a family of 4
    • $7,355 for a family of 5
    • $8,435 for a family of 6
    • $9,515 for a family of 7

 Family caregivers caring for a person receiving Medicaid services (in-home or facility care) are not eligible for relief funds. 

How much money is available

  • The maximum grant amount is $1,000 for respite. 
  • Or, a $300 grant for self-care activities/supplemental services. 

What grants can be used for

  • home care agencies
  • adult day care centers
  • facilities that provide overnight respite
  • goods and services that may be provided to caregivers. This may include (but is not limited to) mobility aids, durable medical equipment, medical alert systems, grab bars, ramps, incontinence supplies, etc. 

The Family Caregiver Support Program can provide Options Counseling for family caregivers who want help determining what the best path forward is for someone in their care. 

Dial 503.988.3646 for assistance applying for these funds and support.

Paying for counseling and support groups

What and who

Relief funds are available for all unpaid family caregivers caring for an elder.

  • You could receive up to $300 for counseling services 
  • No income eligibility for the family.

How to apply

Dial 503.988.3646 and you will be referred to someone who can help access the counseling funds as well as any other identified need of the family caregiver.

Grants for Grandparents/Elder Relatives age 55 and over

You could get $200 per care recipient. The grant can be used for

  • respite
  • community activities for the care recipient
  • adaptive equipment, and/or
  • self-care activities for the elder relative. 

Dial 503.988.3646 to speak to someone who can help you access the funds. 

grandfather and granddaughterRaising Grandchildren/Relative Children 

If you are an older adult taking care of a relative child 18 or younger or an adult relative who has a disability age 18 or older you could get $200 per child. The grant can be used to pay for

  • after school activities
  • childcare provided by licensed and insured agencies
  • summer camps
  • school clothing
  • adaptive equipment for the child with special needs, and/or
  • self-care activities for the grandparent/elder relative client (i.e. parks and recreation programs, massage, etc) 

Dial 503.988.3646 to speak to someone who can help you access the funds.