How to Change Benefits in Workday

Beneficiary Change

List who you would like to receive your life insurance benefits when you pass away.

Benefit Event Date = Today's date

Open -> Continue -> Add Row -> Enter Beneficiary Name & Info -> Choose Percentage -> I Agree -> Submit

Death of Dependent

Benefit Event Date = Date of Death


Then routed to a Benefits Partner to review.

If approved as submitted, you will receive a to-do Benefit Event to Change Benefit Elections.

Open -> Select your Health Care Elections Step 1 of 5 -> Spending Account Elections Step 2 of 5 -> Insurance Elections Step 3 of 5 -> Beneficiary Designations Step 4 of 5 -> Review Step 5 of 5

I agree -> Submit

Medical/Dental Plan Changes

Mid-year allowed plan changes:

  • New Child
  • Marriage/New Domestic Partnership
  • Divorce/End Domestic Partnership
  • Loss of other Health Coverage

Life and Disability Insurance Changes

Mid-year allowed changes:

Optional Short Term Disability

Apply anytime!