New Optional Buy-Up Short Term Disability Insurance Update*

Standard Insurance Company Logo*For Local 88 and MCCDA employees only.

The County provides Long Term Disability insurance at no cost to you.  This provides partial salary replacement (~60% of monthly) due to your own disabling injury/illness after a 90 days.

If you would like to receive disability benefits before this 90 day waiting period, you can apply for Optional Short Term Disability insurance at any time. This provides partial salary replacement of ~60% of weekly salary up to $700 maximum per week.

New for 2019:

  • If you make over $60,667 per year, you can now purchase an additional Buy-up STD plan to increase your maximum weekly benefit above $700 to get you to 60%.
    • Up to weekly max of $1,500.
  • See the cost of both plans with the calculator below.
  • Note: you have to be enrolled in the Optional STD plan to enroll in the buy-up plan.
  • You have from October 10th to October 31st to enroll in this Optional Buy-Up Short Term Disability plan without providing medical information.
  • Take advantage and enroll now!

How to apply

Detailed information can be found in the:

  • You can enroll anytime, but if enrolling late (after first 31 days of hire/eligibility) you will have a 60 day waiting period for the first year of coverage (vs. a 30 day waiting period) for physical disease, pregnancy, or mental illness.

Optional Buy-up Short Term Disability Cost Calculator