Who are we and what do we do?

The Multnomah County Bridge Section manages and maintains six Willamette River Bridges and over 20 smaller bridges elsewhere in the County. Our primary goals are to provide safe transportation facilities for the public, to protect the public investment by preserving our historic bridges, and to help plan for the transportation needs of the 500,000 new residents expected in the Portland area by the year 2020. Our facilities serve Willamette River users, pedestrians, cyclists, automobile commuters, buses, and commercial users. Our employees include: the operators who raise and lower the bridges; the maintenance workers who inspect, respond to emergencies, perform preventative maintenance, and perform maintenance repairs; and engineers who are responsible for design and construction of major repairs, renovations, and upgrades.

Who's responsible for that bridge?

Multnomah County maintains and operates the BurnsideBroadwayHawthorne, MorrisonSauvie Island, and Sellwood bridges.

The Oregon Department of Transportation maintains the Ross Island, Marquam, Fremont and St. John's bridges.

The Union Pacific Railroad maintains the Steel Bridge.