Ballot Measure Filings and Information for the November 2018 General Election

Local measure filings - deadline for jurisdictions to file noticed ballot title and explanatory statement is Sept. 6, 2018.

  • 26-198 - Riverdale RFPD 11JT (444.44 KB) - Renew five year local option levy for Riverdale Fire District
  • 26-199 - Metro (171.68 KB) - Bonds to fund affordable housing in Washington, Clackamas, Multnomah counties.
  • 26-200 - City of Portland (69.81 KB) - Amends Charter: Limits candidate contributions, expenditures; campaign communications identify funders.

Measure Filing Information

  • Filing Forms
  • Fees to File a Measure Argument for County Voters' Pamphlet with each County
    • Riverdale Fire Dist - Measure 26-198
      • Multnomah County $200/argument
      • Clackamas County $100/argument
    • Metro - Measure 26-199
      • Multnomah County  $400/argument
      • Clackamas County $400/argument
      • Washington County $400/argument
    • City of Portland - Measure 26-200
      • Multnomah County $400/argument
      • Clackamas County $100/argument
      • Washington County $200/argument
    • City of Lake Oswego (Multnomah County portion) 3-537 and 3-538
      • Multnomah County $200/argument

Public Notices for Local Measures

City Initiatives

City of PortlandTwo initiatives have qualified for the November ballot. Measure number for each initiative will be assigned when City of Portland certifies the ballot language for each measure. PDX 03 amends City Charter. PDX 04 amends City code. Please see City Elections code for more information on timeline of each filing, based on City code. 2.04.100

State Measures

Signature verification for the 2018 petition cycle has been completed and the following state measure numbers have been assigned to the legislative referral from the 79th Legislative Assembly and those petitions qualified to the November 6, 2018, General Election ballot. They are:

Measure 102 Referral 401 (HJR 201) Amends Constitution: Allows local bonds for financing affordable housing with nongovernmental entities. Requires voter approval, annual audits

Measure 103 Initiative 37; determined to contain 119,744 valid signatures Amends Constitution: Prohibits taxes/fees based on transactions for "groceries" (defined) enacted or amended after September 2017

Measure 104 Initiative 31; determined to contain 124,428 valid signatures Amends Constitution: Expands (beyond taxes) application of requirement that three-fifths legislative majority approve bills raising revenue

Measure 105 Initiative 22; determined to contain 96,700 valid signatures Repeals law limiting use of state/local law enforcement resources to enforce federal immigration laws

Measure 106 Initiative 1; determined to contain 117,799 valid signatures Amends Constitution: Prohibits spending "public funds" (defined) directly/indirectly for "abortion" (defined); exceptions; reduces abortion access