Calendar with Important Election dates

There are four regularly scheduled election dates each year in Oregon: the 2nd Tuesday in March; the 3rd Tuesday in May; the 3rd Tuesday in September; and the 1st Tuesday after the first Monday in November. During odd years, the May Special Election is the only election with candidate positions scheduled. During even years, the May Primary and November General are the only elections with candidate positions scheduled. Measures can be placed on the March, May, September or November election. The Oregon Legislature can choose a different special election date. A recall election date occurs based on when the recall petition was filed.

2020 Election Calendar

  • November 3, 2020 General Election
      • Voters
        • September 18 - Military/overseas ballots mailed.
        • September 21 - Absentee ballots available in Elections office.
        • October 5 - Out of state ballots mailed.
        • Week of October 5 - Voters' Pamphlet mailed to all residential households. Two pamphlets will be sent to each household. A State pamphlet with Federal and state candidates and measures and a Multnomah County voters' pamphlet with local candidates and measures.
        • October 12 - Gresham Voting Center Express opens.
        • October 13 - Voter Registration deadline
        • October 14 - Ballots begin to be mailed to voters.
        • October 22 - All voters should have received their ballot. If your ballot does not arrive by Oct 22, please call 503-988-VOTE (8683).
        • October 27 - Last day to safely return your ballot by mail. After that date voters must use an official drop site.
        • November 3 - General Election date (Ballots due by 8:00 p.m.)
        • November 23 - Final election results certified
        • November 23 - 25 - Administrative Hand Count
        • November 30 - Dec 4 - Automatic Recount for Gresham Mayor
      • Candidates & Campaigns
        • July 16 - 1st date PUD candidates can file for office with Multnomah County Elections
        • Friday, August 14 - Deadline for Special District or County to file notice of ballot title with County Elections for publication
        • August 25 - Candidate filing deadline for PUD candidates who file with Multnomah County Elections
        • August 27 - Voters' Pamphlet deadline for runoff races for County and Metro candidates and PUD candidates.
        • September 3 - Measure filing deadline (completed and noticed) and city/SWCD candidate certification date.
        • Tuesday, September 8 - Voters' Pamphlet deadline for measure arguments, all city candidates and SWCD candidates. (Monday 9/7/2020 is the Labor Day holiday.)