Calendar with Important Election dates

There are four regularly scheduled election dates each year in Oregon: the 2nd Tuesday in March; the 3rd Tuesday in May; the 3rd Tuesday in September; and the 1st Tuesday after the first Monday in November. During odd years, the May Special Election is the only election with candidate positions scheduled. During even years, the May Primary and November General are the only elections with candidate positions scheduled. Measures can be placed on the March, May, September or November election. The Oregon Legislature can choose a different special election date. A recall election date occurs based on when the recall petition was filed. 

The only scheduled election in 2021 in Multnomah County is the May 18, 2021 Special District Election.

2021 Election Calendar

  • May 18, 2021 Special District Election
    • Candidates/Districts
      • Feb. 6 - Last date to publish notice of district election
      • Feb. 8 - First date to file in-person for Special District positions on the May 2021 ballot.
      • Feb. 27 - Last day to file ballot title for publication
      • March 18 - Deadline to file for Special District positions on the May 2021 ballot and deadline to file noticed measure ballot title and explanatory statement
      • March 22 - Deadline to file optional Voters' Pamphlet candidate statement and measure argument for County Voters' Pamphlet
    • Voters
      • April 2 - Military/overseas ballots mailed
      • April 19 - Out of state ballots mailed
      • April 27 - Voter Registration deadline
      • April 28 - Ballots mailed to voters
      • May 11 - Last day for voters to safely return their ballot by mail
      • May 18 - Election Day (ballots due by 8 PM)
      • June 7 - Final Election results certified

2022 Election Calendar

  • May 17, 2022 Primary Election
    • Candidate Information
      • Thur. Sept 9, 2021 - First date to file for office for County and Metro positions
      • Tue. March 8, 2022 - Filing deadline for County & Metro candidates
      • Thur. March 10, 2022 Voters' Pamphlet candidate filing deadline for County & Metro candidates
      • Tue. May 17, 2022 - Primary Election