QUESTION: Shall Gresham Barlow School District 10Jt be authorized to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $40,200,000? If the bonds are approved, they will be payable from taxes on property or property ownership that are not subject to the limits of section 11 and 11b, Article XI of the Oregon Constitution.

SUMMARY: If approved, bonds will finance:

• Essential renovation and expansion at Gresham High School; improvements will prolong the useful life of the school and add instructional space.

• The construction, equipment, and furnishing of a new elementary school to relieve overcrowding at all elementary schools.

• The construction, equipment, and furnishing of an advanced skills center and another small facility for alternative high school programs to relieve overcrowding at the Gresham and Sam Barlow High Schools.

• Additional capital improvements to renovate instructional space, property, lighting, heating, ventilation, and electrical systems, and improve safety at the majority of district schools and provide a central warehouse/office structure that would result in operational efficiencies and savings.

• Added technology connections and capabilities for all schools.

Associated building and bond issuance costs are included.

Bonds would mature over a period not to exceed 21 years with repayment structured so that new taxpayers will assist in paying for the bond measure.



Gresham-Barlow School District currently faces a number of challenges related to its facilities. It must deal with:

• steadily increasing enrollment

• schools that are at or over student capacity

• safety concerns

• technology upgrades required to prepare students for the future

• maintaining quality while conserving community resources


The proceeds from this bond measure would enable the Gresham-Barlow School District to address these challenges. Approval of the measure would permit the GBSD to:

• add 53 classrooms across the district

• construct a new elementary school

• build an advanced skills center to provide opportunities for especially focused high school students

• develop an alternative school for Barlow and Gresham High students and for selected middle school students

• renovate and remodel Gresham High School, thus extending its life for the next 20 years

• make major building improvements at many district schools

• increase high speed links to the internet in all classrooms

• implement cost-saving efficiencies throughout the district


The bond measure is intended to support efficient and effective use of resources by:

• addressing essential technology infrastructure

• protecting the public's investment in current facilities and extending the life of old facilities

• relieving current overcrowding and preparing for further growth

• providing for capital projects that conserve resources over time, like electrical upgrades that reduce energy costs

It supports increased safety for students and staff _ and safety in the community by:

• rebuilding several school entrances, adding lighting, and providing for seismic upgrades

• incorporating design features (e.g., surveillance cameras) judged to be effective in preventing violence and vandalism

• allowing for increased opportunities through which kids will become solid citizens

The proposed bond measure would create smaller schools that could result in:

• fewer student dropouts

• more students productively engaged in school work

• greater overall safety for those living in our community


The principal amount of the bond will not exceed $40.2 million. The terms of the bond will not exceed 21 years with repayment structured so that new taxpayers will help in paying for the bond measure.

It is estimated that property owners would pay an estimated average of 63¢ per $1,000 of assessed value during the 21 year term, with the rate declining as it is paid off. For a home assessed at $175,000, that average cost is estimated at $9.19 per month. Costs to the property owner would decrease over time as property values increase and new taxpayers share the cost of the bond.

Submitted by:
Gretchen Schuette

No arguments AGAINST this measure were filed.


I encourage your support for the Gresham-Barlow School District Bond Measure. With this measure, the district reaffirms its commitment to children and to their success in school.

The proposed measure includes components that would address safety concerns identified at several schools, including the strengthening of structures to reduce the likelihood of injury in the event of an earthquake. Several school offices would also be relocated to provide greater security at entryways.

Both high schools and other schools would be improved to allow for greater community use of school facilities. Other much needed projects that would improve the quality of instruction would also be completed.

Another very important concern to the district is the health and well-being of our youngest citizens. The Gresham-Barlow district is proposing a new elementary school that would contribute to reducing numbers of young children in each classroom, thereby enabling greater attention to their needs.

Another key component in the measure are two new facilities which would provide a focus on the needs of adolescent youth. One would be an advanced skills center, something east county has needed for years. Other districts would share in the use of this center and in paying the costs for operating it. A second new facility would be an alternative school. While the district has one such school, it is very small and cannot serve all students who need it.

With the passage of the bond measure and creation of these two smaller schools, Sam Barlow and Gresham High Schools would be somewhat less crowded. Presently, they are much too large. Research clearly shows that more students are likely to succeed if the learning environments are not so large.

Please consider your important role as a voting citizen. Only you can help address some of the resource needs of your local schools. Please vote yes for measure 26-18.

(This information furnished by Sharron Kelley)

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Bond measure includes needed safety components. There are many reasons why I support the Gresham-Barlow School District's proposed $40.2 million bond measure. Taken in its entirety, it will help maintain the excellent quality of education the community's students have received for many years. The district needs our support for this measure.

Primary among my reasons for supporting the measure are those components that focus on safety. First, improved exterior lighting will be provided at several schools. That lighting will reduce vandalism and it will also help keep students, staff members, and patrons safe when they are at our schools. Next, several of our older schools would receive seismic upgrades making it more likely that they would remain standing in the event of an earthquake, thus preventing injuries and, perhaps, saving lives.

An equally important component of the measure is the continuation of the district's efforts to move all main offices to a location near the front entry of the school. Doing so would make it very difficult for undesirable individuals to get into the schools, thus making them much safer.

Give Our Kids a Bright Future and a Chance at Success

The measure also includes a new elementary school where young children would get a less crowded and stronger start to their school years. In my opinion, this stronger start would definitely pay off in years to come when these students would be experiencing greater success and looking forward to a brighter future. Young people with bright futures would make our community safer.

Just as important is the alternative school designed to help middle and high school age kids stay in school longer. This alternative school would help our least successful students achieve the success they deserve. Again, this would make our community safer.

The bond measure would bring greater safety to our schools and to our community. Join me in voting YES for Measure 26-18.

(This information furnished by Bernie Giusto)

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Good schools make our community a wonderful place in which to live and our public schools have a long history of providing an excellent education. We want that history to continue.

Between the two of us, we have eight kids who have either completed their education in Gresham-Barlow schools or are in the process of completing it. They have received a very high quality education, but we believe that to maintain that quality, the community must approve the $40.2 million bond measure on the November 7 election ballot.

That bond measure includes several components that would prepare our students for the future. For one thing, the measure would ensure that all district classrooms are ready to take advantage of a high speed link to the internet and access to the tremendous wealth of information that source provides. That high speed connection will soon be brought to the front doors to our schools through other funding sources, but if our schools are not rewired, it will not be possible to connect every classroom. The bond measure would pay for the needed rewiring.

Other components of the bond measure would also help our students prepare for a brighter future. Among them is the Center for Advanced Learning, a facility for focused high school students who want to specialize in a professional/technical area such as: medical & health careers, information technology, and pre-engineering & manufacturing. Those students would spend part of their day at the Center and the other part at their home high school. Besides the obvious benefits for participating students, overcrowding at our two high schools would be relieved. Students from Reynolds and Centennial High Schools could also attend the Center, thus spreading the costs. This would be a winner for the entire area.

There are many reasons to support Measure 26-18. Please join with us and vote YES.

(This information furnished by Mike Miller and Sue O'Halloran)

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Protect the investment we've already made.

We are both longtime residents of the Gresham area. Our children attended schools in this community. As parents, we made a considerable personal investment in our school district, both financially and in terms of volunteer time. We are now asking you to join us in our efforts to maintain the high quality of education we have helped promote by voting YES on the Gresham-Barlow district's proposed $40.2 million bond measure. Approval of the bond measure is essential to protect the more than $200 million investment the community has already made in its schools and to prepare our students for the future.

Among the features of the measure we appreciate most are the district's attempts to maintain and protect its current buildings. For example, rather than requesting a huge sum of money ($45 million) to build a new high school in the downtown area, the district is asking for about $9 million to renovate and upgrade Gresham High School. Such renovation will prolong the life of GHS for another twenty years.

The district is also proposing extensive remodeling to several other schools, again to protect the investment already made. Each year the district pours many dollars into its existing structures in an attempt to prolong the lives of those schools and save the taxpayers money. That is good, sound stewardship of our funds.

The district is also asking for money for improved heating and cooling systems that will save money in the long run. The new, more efficient lighting proposed in the measure will also result in savings.

Finally, investing in technology infrastructure so that our students will be prepared for the future is an absolute must. Technology is changing our world. Gresham's kids need to be ready!

From a business perspective, all of this makes sense. We urge a YES vote on Measure 26-18.

(This information furnished by Mary Zoe Petersen and Stan Morris)

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Good Schools Require Additional Classrooms

Our four children all graduated from the Orient schools and Barlow High. They received an excellent education. Even though they have gone onto other pursuits, we still believe we must work to maintain quality schools in our community. That's why we're asking that you join with us in voting for Measure 26-18, the Gresham-Barlow School District's $40.2 million bond measure. It will provide the funds needed to build classrooms for growth expected in the eastern part of the district, and it will provide programs designed to give many of our students the extra help they need to be successful.

Added Classrooms in Several Locations

We support the bond measure because it will create 30 additional classrooms across the district. Those classrooms will be in several new or remodeled facilities: a new elementary school, West Orient Middle School, and a remodeled Gordon Russell Middle School. Some will be at an alternative school planned for students needing focused help in a smaller environment. Some will be at the remodeled and renovated Gresham High School. Still others will be at an advanced skills center to be designed to help some of our most able high school students pursue areas of specialization in preparation for further education.

All of these new classrooms will provide relief from overcrowding, thus making conditions better for teaching and learning in all schools.

We also support the measure because it saves tax dollars. It proposes renovating existing facilities and protecting the investment we have already made in our schools. It proposes sharing costs with neighboring districts and with MHCC. It calls for extending the life of Gresham High School instead of building a new school.

Most of all, the measure will position the district to prepare kids for a changing world. Young people are our future. We need to help them be successful. Vote YES on measure 26-18.

(This information furnished by Linde and Pete Eidenberg)

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The Public Affairs Councils of the Gresham Area and East Portland Chambers of Commerce endorse the Gresham-Barlow School District's bond measure. This measure addresses school and community safety issues and displays a clear commitment to children. A successful business community depends upon this type of efficient, effective use of taxpayers' resources.

Please support our schools with your YES vote.

Efficient Use of Resources

The measure . . .

• addresses technology infrastructure

• funds renovations that protect the public's investment in current facilities and extend the life of old facilities

• relieves current overcrowding and prepares for enrollment growth, and

• provides for projects that save resources over time.

All these projects would be accomplished at a cost equivalent to that of a new high school.

It is a modest investment now, with major, long-term benefits.

Safety for Staff and Students — and our Community

• The measure includes rebuilding several school entrances, additional lighting, and seismic upgrades.

• It includes a new elementary school that will reduce overcrowding for this critical age group.

• The learning opportunities provided for high school students in the advanced skills center and the new alternative schools will mean less crowded high schools, fewer dropouts, more students productively engaged in school work, and resulting greater safety in our community for all residents.

Invest in Our Children's Future through Strengthening the Quality of Education

This measure will:

• provide greater attention to the needs of elementary students—through keeping the size of our schools small and maximizing individual attention for our youngest children.

• ensure better preparation for middle and high school students at the advanced skills center, at the new alternative school, and by the resulting relief in overcrowding at our existing large high schools.

• create better instructional support—through major facilities changes for our oldest high school and through improvements at schools throughout the district.

(This information furnished by Carol Nielsen-Hood, Gresham Area and East Portland Chambers of Commerce Public Affairs Councils and Chambers' Board of Directors)

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