OCCUPATION: Executive Assistant to County Commissioner Lisa Naito

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Local and state public policy

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University; Orange Coast College

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Legislative Assistant to Rep. Margaret Carter


  • Worked to increase services to victims of domestic violence and child abuse
  • Focus on early childhood intervention to reduce juvenile and adult crime
  • Worked to ensure that guns stay out of the hands of criminals

CHARLOTTE IS ENDORSED by Sheriff Dan Noelle, District Attorney Mike Schrunk and State Senator Ginny Burdick


  • Pushed legislators for increased school funding.
  • Championed funding for new shelters and educational services for homeless youth living on downtown streets.
  • Works to ensure that the Child Receiving Center is a safe haven for abused and neglected children.

CHARLOTTE IS ENDORSED by Portland School Board Members Marc Abrams, Sue Hagmeier and Julia Brim-Edwards


  • Supports programs allowing seniors to live independently and stay out of nursing facilities.
  • Opposed the "pet food tax" as unfair to fixed-income pet owners.
  • Supports county services in the community where they are more convenient.

CHARLOTTE IS ENDORSED by County Commissioner Lisa Naito, State Senator Kate Brown and State Rep. Mary Nolan


"As a businessman and advocate for children and homeless youth, I trust Charlotte to use our tax dollars wisely to ensure that quality services for children and vulnerable citizens are provided
Bill Furman, President/CEO, The Greenbrier Companies

Dear Neighbor,
As a parent and resident of our district for over a decade, I share your concerns and priorities: quality schools, safe neighborhoods, parks and efficient government services. I have worked hard on these issues and would like to serve you as your county commissioner. I would appreciate your vote and support.
Thank you.

(This information furnished by Charlotte Comito)


OCCUPATION: Salesman, Athletic Supplies


EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University, Bach. Of Science; Graduate Study

Precinct Committeeperson
ONI Liquor License Advisory Group
Your vote for Jim will help:

  • REFORM PROPERTY TAXES to make the fair and easy to pay.
  • FULLY FUND HEALTH CARE PROGRAMS with an emphasis on drug treatment.
  • KEEP COUNTY FUNDS IN LOCALLY OWNED BANKS to better serve our communities’ credit needs.
  • Encourage diverse companies with FAMILY WAGE JOBS to come to our community so that we are not overly dependent on the chip industry.

Nearly 30,000 voters supported Jim in his last winning election. Here are a few, from all walks of life, that endorse him now.

Mike Burton, METRO Executive Officer; Bill Berg, Paper mill worker; Ted Hallock, Former State Senator; Chairman Northwest Power Planning Council; Susan Davis, Ballet Teacher; Sherrell Steinhauer, Entrepreneur; Martin Sudarma, Immigrant Neighborhood Businessman; Edward D. Plotkin, Retired Energy Executive; Colleen Davis, Homemaker; Richard T. Tench, Law Professor, retired; Judy Chambers, Public Education Advocate; Per Fagereng, Writer/Historian; Bill Danneman, Treasurer, CTLH; Ed Goldberg, Local Novelist

Jim Davis is a man of his word. He’s been happily married for 36 years.

Jim Davis meets his responsibilities. He’s help raise four foster children along with his own. All attended public schools. All are doing well.

Jim Davis is a man of compassion. He’s a long-time senior citizen and teen mom advocate.

Jim’s candidacy is about public service not a political career. It’s his way of giving back something to the community which has made him successful.

Vote for Jim Davis. He’s seasoned by the realities of everyday life. He’s optimistic about our communities future. He has the energy, persistence, and know-how to make good things happen.

(This information furnished by Parents & Teachers for James Davis)


OCCUPATION: Director – Department of Sustainable Community Development, Multnomah County

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Chief of Staff – City of Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman; Stadium Manager – Civic Stadium; Deputy Executive Assistant – Multnomah County Chair Beverly Stein; Deputy Director – Multnomah County Department of Environmental Services



Maria Rojo de Steffey
The Right Choice for Multnomah County Commissioner

The Right Values
Born to immigrant parents, Maria Rojo de Steffey is an American success story, who has used that success to serve our community. Maria will fight for:

  • Safer neighborhoods – Better prevention and early intervention with kids in trouble and increased drug and alcohol treatment.
  • Stronger education – Link schools, neighborhoods, and libraries for reading and homework help for struggling students.
  • Healthier families – Improved health care for at-risk families will give kids the right start and save tax dollars in the long run.

The Right Experience

Maria Rojo de Steffey is a tough, experienced manager who keeps a sharp eye on the bottom line.

  • Manages 425 employees and a budget of over $225 million. The result? Great service to citizens and good value for taxpayers.
  • Led youth employment initiatives for Portland’s Private Industry Council.
  • Helped turn around Civic Stadium
  • Successful small businesswoman.

Supported by the Leaders We Trust

Just some of those endorsing Maria Rojo de Steffey:
Former County Chair Beverly Stein; Commissioner Jim Francesconi; Commissioner Serena Cruz; Commissioner Dan Saltzman; Commissioner Lonnie Roberts; Commissioner Erik Sten; Former Commissioner Sharron Kelley; City Auditor Gary Blackmer; State Representative Gary Hansen; School Board Member – elect Lolenzo Poe; Sam Adams; Clara Padilla-Andrews

"I am proud of having used the values of hope, opportunity and responsibility to help families be healthy, strong and safe, to keep our neighborhoods great places to live and work — and to make sure that we get good value for our tax dollars. I’d appreciate your vote so I can continue to do that as your County Commissioner."
Maria Rojo de Steffey

(This information furnished by Friends of Maria Rojo de Steffey)


OCCUPATION: President, Oregon Education Association

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: President, Portland Association of Teachers; Teacher, Portland Public Schools; Manager, Portland Teachers Credit Union

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Cleveland High School; Portland State University, B.S., Elementary Education

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Governor’s Quality Education Commission; Regional Workforce Quality Council; Precinct Committee Person

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: (past & present) President, Mt Hood Little League; Coach, Centennial Jr./Sr. Baseball; President, St. Paul Lutheran Church; Advocate for Lents Little League

PERSONAL: married, four children, one grandchild

"As a lifelong resident of Multnomah County I understand the significance of the essential services provided by County government. These services develop and protect the physical and human infrastructure upon which we build our communities. I am asking for the opportunity to be your advocate when decisions are made which affect your life. You can be sure that when issues are considered I will approach them with objectivity, diligence, and a fresh perspective; I will solicit your participation in the decision-making process; and I will make my decisions in the public forum. I am experienced in the responsibilities of leadership. I know the obligations that accompany your support and trust. I accept these obligations and will pursue efficient, effective, and responsive government on your behalf."
James Sager

"James Sager is a proven leader whose independent thinking and consensus-building abilities will bring energy, initiative, and a new perspective to the Board of County Commissioners."
Caroline Miller, former Multnomah
County Commissioner

"James Sager has demonstrated the analytical and decision-
making skills needed to address the difficult decisions facing Multnomah County in an informed, objective, and balanced manner. His strong work ethic and hands-on approach reflect his complete commitment to his constituents. He will ensure that the
voices of the communities are heard."
Tanya Collier, former Multnomah
County Commissioner

"I endorse James Sager because I have personally seen his strong commitment to children, families, and quality public education. He has a solid track record of leadership, achievement, and working collaboratively to solve problems."
Cynthia Guyer

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect James Sager Multnomah County Commissioner, District 1)


OCCUPATION: Land Management Consultant

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Parks Supervisor: Portland Parks & Recreation 1965-1997
Captain: Oregon Army National Guard 1956-1985

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland Community College: A/AS Management Degree, Kubasaki American High School: Diploma
Benson Tech High School, Kellogg School: Diploma

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Director: Multnomah ESD, 1979-1987

John Sweeney is a native born Oregonian, And has lived in the Portland and Multnomah County area for most of his life.

John Sweeney is a life long public servant.

John Sweeney wants to institute a County Court System, based on the municipal court laws. This court system would cover all
non-jailable cases. With a maximum fines of $1,250.00 and / or community service 400 hours or less.
The benefits:
To free up the dockets of the circuit courts and district courts.
Speed up the legal process.
Through community service assist our parks and other public lands.

John Sweeney believes that monies collected for Multnomah County should be used for Multnomah County. Not given to other agencies (school and etc.) that can not or will not live within their incomes.

Economy in Government for better Service!

Voting: Voting is hiring! The lower the voter turnout, the more power your vote has.

So Vote!

Vote for John Sweeney.

Memberships: American Legion, Elks, and Law Enforcement Alliance of America, National Rifle Association of America. And the Retired Officers Association.

(This information furnished by John Sweeney)