OCCUPATION: Vice President & Manager, US Bank (Paid)

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Management and General Banking; US Bank, 25 years

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: San Diego State University

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Chairman, Centennial School District Governing Board, 2001, 2004, 2005; Director, Centennial School District Governing Board, July 1998 to present (Elected)

Background and Experience:

I am proud of the accomplishments of our Centennial students and schools. As a member of the Centennial School Board I have appreciated playing a role in that success. The teamwork displayed between the Centennial students, staff, parents, community and school board is very strong. It is my desire to continue in my role to help lead and support the ongoing success of this district. It has been a pleasure to serve with six other, very dedicated board members whose first priority is on what is best for our students. I hope to continue in this role and I believe my 24 years of management, finance, HR, business and technology experience provide a value to our district.

Commitment and Accountability:

I am deeply committed to ensuring our students receive the very best education possible in a safe place to learn and grow. I strongly believe that the school board has accountability for the decisions made that affect the future of our students and our community. These decisions are not made lightly by this school board. I understand the many educational challenges that lie ahead for our schools today and in the years ahead. I will continue to strive to meet the commitment of ensuring the future success of our schools. I look forward to the continued shared leadership and partnerships with our board members, students, staff, parents and community to: 1)challenge and engage all students in Centennial's diverse K-12 population to achieve Academic Growth and Excellence; 2)ensure a Safe and Respectful Educational Environment; 3)provide tools, strategies and resources necessary to ensure Student Success; and 3)promote Family involvement in each child's education.

I sincerely appreciate your consideration and vote.

(This information furnished by Jon McHenry)