OCCUPATION: General Contractor - Commercial Project Manager

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Construction project manager responsible for the coordination among owners, architects and subcontractors. Responsible for estimating, value engineering, contract administration, cost control, scheduling and all aspects of completing the projects. Coordinate many aspects of the construction business and property management. Computer proficient with spreadsheets, word processors, accounting packages, Microsoft Project and CAD programs.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University, B.S. - Business and Accounting, graduated with honors; Mt. Hood Community College, business, graduate; Grant High School, graduated with honors.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Currently Corbett School Board, Vice-Chairman and Corbett Education Foundation, Trustee/Treasurer

I am a resident of Corbett School District, married, and have two children who attended Corbett High School. I want to thank all who helped elect me to the Board four years ago and ask for your vote again.

I believe all members of the current Board consider kids first in any decisions and I ask for your vote to continue as a member of this group of dedicated individuals. My goal for the next four years will be to build on our strengths, to help Corbett students continue to be among the most successful in the Oregon. This includes providing a disciplined classroom, where teachers can teach, students can learn and an environment where administration, educators and parents are all working in unison towards this common goal.

My education and experience in running a business and managing construction projects, will continue to be an asset in working with the other members of the Board, the Community and the School Staff. Projects and problem solving, as well as school business should be team oriented and results driven, creating a smooth working and learning environment for everyone in our district.

Your vote for me, Bob Buttke, will be a vote to continue raising the standard and quality of education for the students in Corbett.

(This information furnished by Bob Buttke)