OCCUPATION: Full time student pursuing a business/education major to become a teacher.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Fifteen year career as a marketing coordinator/manager for engineering and environmental firms.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Graduated, Concordia High School, 1978; Continuing Education, various business and management courses and workshops; Continuing Education, Mt. Hood Community College and Concordia University – Business/Education Major

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Appointed, then elected to the Corbett School Board in 1996. Served as Director from 1996-2002 (five years).

After being away from Corbett for a brief period of time, I would like to give back to the community I missed so much while I was away. As a former director serving on the Corbett School Board (1996-2002), I know my experience and knowledge of serving on the board, the school district, and the community at large will be an advantage to my constituents. I am a 22-year resident who raised my sons here. They had the privilege of attending Corbett Schools from kindergarten through graduation and received an exceptional education, which improved throughout their years through the efforts of an outstanding staff, administration, superintendent, and school board. During my time on the board, I was honored to contribute to the District’s ever-increasing improvements and would like to continue my service. If elected, I will bring my knowledge, experience, and love for my community to the board and team with my fellow board members to make Corbett the best it can be.

(This information furnished by Maureen Haley)