OCCUPATION: Certified public accountant

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Owner/principal; Edward L. Kalberg, CPA; since 1980

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.S. Portland State University

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Commissioner, Corbett Water District; Director, Corbett School District; Budget Committee, Corbett School District

Personal: Corbett resident since 1979. Married, to the Greatest Girl in the world, 35 yrs.; 2 good children; 5 terrific grandchildren.


Two years ago a “New Team” promised you great “Reforms”; Here’s what they’ve accomplished:

• Misdirected $250,000 of funds specifically dedicated to reduce the debt. This action will cost the Community more than $575,000 in additional interest, and will extend loan payments by more than six years.

• Complained about excessive Engineering fees, yet they have paid more than a quarter of a million dollars to a single Engineering firm.

Paid over $50,000 to lawyers; mostly in defense of situations which poor management created.

Even paid themselves several thousand dollars for their “volunteer” time.

• Complained that the District had “deteriorating..ancient and badly leaking pipes” yet are talking of diverting funds that had been set aside for pipe replacement into a $1.1 million dollar, Water Treatment Plant upgrade which had been budgeted at less than half that cost just a few years ago.

• At a recent meeting, there were even suggestions that the only way they could get this project built and keep at least a few dollars in reserve for potential pipe leaks was to raise the water rates.

• In less than two years all six of the previous employees have been forced to resign; two Board members have resigned; and one (Reform) Board member was recalled.

These statements are not political hype! They can all be documented and verified!


If you choose to elect me, I will use my professional skills, and my love and respect for this Community, to protect, preserve, and provide clean, healthy water, at a reasonable cost, to this and to all future generations.


(This information furnished by Ed Kalberg)


OCCUPATION: Wife, Mother, Attorney

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Assistant Criminal District Attorney, Legal Counsel for companies of all types.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: BA University of Texas, Law Degree, University of Kansas.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Corbett Water District Commissioner

The District is part of the Corbett Family. So, I apply our family’s guiding principle: Do the hard things. This means listening constantly to what others have to say, but making decisions and sticking to them.

The District is a business. It must be run like one or everyone loses. I bring skills gained as a business and prosecuting attorney:

  • Appreciating the complexity of Laws;
  • Assessing needs and strengths of people and organizations;
  • Analyzing Budgets and Financial Statements;
  • Making sure that there is fairness, openness, and carefulness with the people, equipment and funds of your District.

As Commissioners, we have solved many problems and taken advantage of opportunities for the District. This is a change from when problems were not recognized (to put it nicely) and individuals used the District for their own financial gain.

Our EXCELLENT STAFF is busy replacing (not just patching) old steel pipes that have become ‘Soaker Hoses’ instead of Water Mains. Springdale has fewer ‘springs’ now that our Manager has been testing for chlorine and fixing leaks. Everything is being done with lower water rates. Huge improvements are underway at our Treatment Plant, including a recently finished New Reservoir that is larger than all others combined. Progress! says it all.

We are family. Disagreements are inevitable. But family does not walk out and leave others hanging. Family does not pull the stunts that our opponents and others have pulled. I am not walking out, I will not leave you hanging, and I will not cost the District financially because I am miffed.

Please make a smart decision for your family. Please make a smart business decision for your District. Please vote for the Commissioners who are serving you well.


(This information furnished by Lee Wyatt)