OCCUPATION: Retired Xerox Technician; Raise Beef

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Managed Portland territory for Xerox; Taught Tech Classes.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Fort Plain Grade and High School; Devry Technical Institute, Associate Degree, Electronics.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Commissioner, Corbett Water District

I’m a new resident of Corbett having only lived here 22 years.

I appreciate the great tasting water that we receive from the Corbett Water District. To keep it that way, to maintain water safety, and to meet mandatory Quality Standards, I strongly support upgrades to our Treatment Plant including a large NEW reservoir and NEW ‘slow sand’ filter. Because we are frugal, we are accomplishing two large construction projects within the original budget for one.

Most people do not know that the District has NOT met water quality standards for years. Previous employees were covering up the shortfall. That’s why your Commissioners have taken decisive action.

I also support keeping water rates as low as possible. Opponents have done their best to raise our costs by continuously harassing the District and its work crews. Not counting their lawsuit, they have run up District costs about $100,000. That hurts every customer.

All opponents in this election played roles in the corruption and incompetence of the past by ignoring what was going on as they supported the District’s burgeoning gravy train for their pals. That’s why water rates doubled in three years. After the new Board took charge in 2003, rates were lowered significantly. More real work on decaying infrastructure has been accomplished in just two years than in the entire previous decade. WHAT A TURNAROUND!

We suspect that disgruntled former employees want their friends to rehire them, raise rates, and open the public money spigot once again! What are they going to do with the great employees we now have?

SIMPLE, CLEAR CHOICE: If you want the old ways, vote for them. If you want an honest, well-run District, VOTE FOR US.


(This information furnished by Bob Gaughan)