OCCUPATION: Retired Machinist.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Machinist, DaimlerChrysler (Freightliner); US Navy.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Parkdale High School; US Navy In-Service Training.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Corbett Water District: Commissioner and Chairman, Budget Committee Member; Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office: Corbett Safety Action Team Chairman and Budget Committee Member.

I’m a native Oregonian, residing in the Corbett-Springdale area for 36 years, and I’ve been a Commissioner twice.

I hope you notice changes we have made at our Water District over the past two years. Some are obvious like lower rates, bi-monthly billing, and the welcoming look of the front office. We have also greatly improved efficiency and accomplished many things long overdue. For instance, we finally switched all customers from an old leaking steel pipe along the Scenic Highway east of Evans to the ‘new’ main that was installed 25 years ago! Why did it take sooo long?

We are upgrading our Treatment Plant, Water Storage capability, and Water Mains with construction designed to last ONE HUNDRED YEARS and designed to meet stringent water quality standards.

A few years ago, the story was much different. Progress was practically non-existent, and some employees were trying to force out Commissioners who had the guts to stand up to them. They made sure that replacements gave them ALL the money they wanted without question.

My opponent was such an appointee to the Budget Committee. He automatically supported salaries far above union scale and benefits that were out of this world, without even asking how much work was being done.

Today we have capable employees who work hard for competitive salaries and benefits. Our new Manager is very knowledgeable and honest. Opponents threaten to fire him!

Opponents also continue to spread outrageous rumors such as the ‘District is broke’ or the ‘Manager is incompetent.’ This harms everyone.

With your support, we can continue to rebuild our water system to be modern and efficient. I ask for your vote.


(This information furnished by Bob Colclesser)


OCCUPATION: City of Beaverton; Supervisor of Water Distribution

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: 26 years with City of Beaverton – Water Distribution; 3 years with City of Wheaton, Illinois water department and sewer

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Graduated Wheaton North High School, Wheaton, Illinois; University of Sacramento Engineering School correspondance program – Water Distribution; Water Distribution Level 4 Certification; Water Treatment Level 1 Certification; Backflow Inspector Certification

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Corbett Water District Budget Committee

I have been a resident of Corbett for the last 15 years. I served for four years on the Corbett Water Board Budget Committee.

I have over 27 years of combined experience in water distribution and water treatment. I am very aware of the needs and daily operations of a water distribution system. My commitment to the citizens is to make every effort to balance the daily and long-term needs of the water system to continue to provide adequate quality and quantity of water. This is a process that will take continued effort and cooperation.

Rick Weaver

(This information furnished by Rick Weaver)