OCCUPATION: Retired Business Manager.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Managed Kaso Plastics; Pilot US Army Air Corps; Farmer; Logger; Truck Driver.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Corbett Grade School; Corbett High School; Oregon Institute of Technology; Lewiston State Teacher’s College; Kansas State Teacher’s College.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Corbett Water District Budget Committee; Corbett Fire Board; Corbett School Board.

Professional: Officer in US Army Air Corps WWII.

I have seen progress at the Corbett Water District from its very beginning. As a boy I remember my father helping dig the original ditches with pick and shovel for the original water lines. Although the District has grown to a little more than 1,000 customers today, the Board of Commissioners is still charged with the task of providing safe water at a reasonable cost.

Currently, the District is moving in the right direction. The New Reservoir at the Treatment Plant is up and running and giving us the ability to meet the water quality standards required by the Federal Government to protect our customers. The lead paint on Reservoir #4 has been removed and replaced with a safe coating. The amount of treated water that the District loses has been reduced dramatically by fixing leaking pipes and reservoir overflows.

Our new Manager is an exceptional hire and a blessing to the District. He cares very much about doing a good job and is a vital part of the team that responds to District emergencies, whether at high noon or during the middle of the night

I believe that I can make a positive contribution during this time of progress. I believe in being fiscally responsible. I believe in putting our customers first. I believe in working as a team with District employees. Its all part of being a Corbett Water District commissioner.

I hope for your support and ask for your vote. Thank you.

(This information furnished by Marion Kirkham)