OCCUPATION: Lake Oswego School Board member (Past Chair); OSBA Legislative Policy Committee; Blue Heron Neighborhood Association (Co-chair); Womens Coalition Board; LOABC Advisory Board; volunteer: Adult Community Center, Library, Three Rivers Land Conservancy, LONAC, League of Women Voters

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Director of Civic Outreach (1995-2004); Lake Oswego Jr. Womens Club (President); Pacer Club (President)

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of Colorado Boulder, Humanities; University of Colorado Denver, certificate, Expanded Duty Dental Associate

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Tualatin Valley Television Board of Directors (Chair); South Shore Bridge Design Advisory Group; Lake Front Zoning Task Force

Ours is an exceptionally successful school district, in a community which cares deeply about quality education and which demands accountability. It has been my privilege to serve on the Lake Oswego School Board. There have been great challenges and great rewards but there is much left to be done.

  • We must balance the budget during these difficult economic times, fight for our fair share of state and federal resources, and back important legislation suiting the needs of our district.
  • We must craft policies which promote the sound values of our community.
  • We must protect our children as we nurture a learning environment which encourages and stimulates success for every student, now and in the future.

Business and Community Leaders Support Linda Brown

"In these challenging times, Linda Brown's depth of experience and her perspective serve the Lake Oswego community well. She brings to the Board the sound judgment we require to best meet the needs of our schools." Anne Woodbury

"Linda is a respected and valued member of our School Board. She listens to her constituents; asks the right questions; and deliberates with intelligence and compassion. I am grateful she is willing to serve our community for another term, and urge everyone to vote for Linda." Chuck O'Leary

"Linda is a dedicated collaborator in our schools and in our community. I look forward to working with her for another four years." J.T. Tenneson

(This information furnished by Linda Brown)