OCCUPATION: Attorney, private practice 2002-present

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Deputy District Attorney, Multnomah County 1998-2002; Deputy District Attorney, Clatsop County 1996-1998

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University, Administration of Justice BA 1992; Willamette University School of Law JD 1995

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Deputy District Attorney, Multnomah and Clatsop counties; Advocate/representative, Multnomah County District Attorney's Office for Juvenile Treatment Court 1997-98

Please support me for the East County position on the MESD Board.


As a former Deputy D.A., I understand the importance of education to children and the impact it has on their future. Through my work with the Juvenile Treatment Program, a program for kids with substance abuse problems, I developed a strong commitment and belief that education should address the needs of children at risk. I understand the problems which draw children into gang culture and the court system. I know that a chance for a decent education will make all the difference.

As an attorney in private practice I work with DHS and juvenile court counselors. The availability of educational programs focused on at risk and minority students is often critical in preventing these kids from reoffending.


As a long term resident of East County, businessman, son of a public school teacher and the parent of two children in the Gresham/Barlow School District, I have a direct interest in maintaining a quality education for all of our kids.

I am committed to bringing my skills to ensure that MESD is accountable to the public, stays within budget and provides quality programs for all of children.

I have shown my commitment to the community by serving in the DA's office and by volunteering my time as an unpaid attorney at St. Andrews Clinic. I would be honored to serve on the MESD Board. Please vote for me. You may contact me at (503) 667-6114.


Endorsed by

Michael D. Schrunk, Multnomah County District Attorney

Harry Ainsworth, MESD Board

Donald K. Robertson, attorney

Sam Asbury, attorney

(This information furnished by Ken A. Kissir)


OCCUPATION: Physical therapy assist; Providence Medical Center Home Healer

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Providence Medical Center - 33 yrs.


PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Reynolds School Board - 16 yrs

I would like to represent East County parents and children. My experience has been helping children. I started helping in the classroom, then moved to Advisory Board and Budget committee. I was and elected and served the Reynolds school for 16 years. Seven of those 16 years in leadership roles.

I have seen first hand what ESD does and what they have to offer. I have worked closely with Reynolds Budget and that of the ESD to provide equal, quality education for all children.

Education is at across road in Oregon. We need level headed people to lead and give our students a high level of education. Funding is difficult, I believe I can work with administration and legislators for fair funding for all children.

I worked for children as a parent, and Olympic development administrator in the state soccer program. And would continue to do so as an MESD Board member

Thank you for your support.

(This information furnished by Maxine Stannard)


OCCUPATION: Executive Director, Police Activities League of Greater Portland, April 1992-Present.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Alumni Director, University of Portland; Marketing, Portland Student Services; Substitute Teacher; Multnomah County Child Development Center; Cashier, Burger King; Assembler, Norcrest China.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Masters in Human Services, School of Education, University of Portland, 1992; BS in Technical Journalism, Oregon State University, 1985; Diploma, Grant High School; attended Hollyrood, Alameda, & St. Rose. PRIOR

GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Appointed Volunteer, Citizen Review Board, 1999-2004

Married to Jerry Cioeta, and have two living children Anthony "Nino" (7) and Annamarie (4). I appreciate the support of family, especially my sister Meghan and my husband Jerry.

Raising money for youth programs, playing Scrabble with my husband, reading and singing to my kids, and camping.

Community Involvement:
State Coordinator, National Youth Sports Program, 1996-Present Board Member, National PAL, 1998-2003 Rockwood Weed & Seed Steering Committee Co-Chair, 2001-Present Auction Co-Chair, Archbishop Howard School, 2004-Present Albina Weed & Seed Steering Committee Chair, 2004-Present

Joint recipient with City of Gresham of a League of Oregon Cities Award (Excellence in Innovative Programming) for a Public/Private Partnership (PAL Youth Center), League of Oregon Cities, 1994. FBI Director's Community Leadership Award, 1995. National PAL President's Leadership Award, 2001 & 2002.

Reason for Pursuing this Board Position:
I believe in Multnomah ESD's mission of using its regional advantage to meet the needs of students in its school districts. I am an advocate for youth, which are our most precious resource. I am committed to the wise use of resources in the best interests of children, families and schools.

Patricia Swanson, MESD Board of Directors, 1981 to 2005.
Christine Kirk, Police Activities League of Greater Portland President
David N. Lesh, Attorney at Law Shelli Romero

(This information furnished by Maura White-Cioeta)