OCCUPATION: Attorney, 1990-present

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Judicial Law Clerk, Federal District Court for the State of Oregon 1992; Real Estate Broker 1987-90; Landlord 1986-present

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Tufts University, International Relations, BA 1985; Boston University School of Law, JD 1990

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Multnomah Education Service District Board of Directors 1997-present; Chair 2003-04, Vice-Chair 2001-2003; Children's Land Trust Board of Directors 2000-present; Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association Board 1992-1995; President 1993-1994; Portland Park Bureau Citizen Advisory Committee 1995-1996, 1999-2000; Multnomah County Animal Control Hearings Officer 2000-2001

Please re-elect Harry Ainsworth to the Multnomah Education Service District Board of Directors.

During the past eight years as a member of the Board of Directors of MESD, I have continuously advocated for the children of Multnomah County by lobbying the legislature for adequate funding for our schools, informing local school districts of the valuable services provided by MESD, advocating for the continuation of Outdoor School and ensuring that MESD provides effective programs in a cost effective manner.


In order to be able to measure the accomplishments of MESD's alternative education program, I spearheaded an effort to track students' post graduation performance. This effort is now in its fourth year and is proving to be a useful tool in evaluating the performance of these programs.

I co-presented a seminar highlighting MESD's successful and innovative use of the Linux computer operating system at a national conference. MESD has been able to save tens of thousands of dollars in computer software licensing fees for local school districts through this program.

I have supported MESD's successful Medicare reimbursement program. A program that has brought millions of dollars of funds to Oregon school districts.

I have represented MESD on the Board of Directors of the Children's Land Trust, an organization dedicated to providing a campus for the provision of social services to children and families.

Please vote to re-elect me. You may contact me at (503) 417-0476 with any question.

Endorsed by Portland Association of Teachers/Teacher's Voice in Politics

(This information furnished by Harry Ainsworth)


OCCUPATION: Co-Host/Co-Producer, Life Line Universal Media; Free Lance Writer.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Land Management Consultant, Sweeney, Smiths and Jones; Parks Supervisor, Portland Parks and Public Recreation; Captain, Oregon Army National Guard and United States Army Reserve; Director, Board of Directors, Multnomah Education Service District.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: United States Army Command and General Staff College, Diploma; Portland Community College, A/AS Management; Kubasaki American High School, Diploma; Benson Polytechnic High School; Kellogg School, Diploma; DuPont School; Giles Lake School.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Democratic Precinct Committeeman #4041; Director, Board of Directors, Multnomah Education Service District.

It is the duty of a director on the Board of Directors to set policy for the administration of the Multnomah Education Service District.

As your director on the Board of Directors of the Multnomah Education Service District. I will work for you to make policies and revise existing policies to create savings that will expand the services of the district to better educate it students. And, the students of our local school districts.

Our children!


P.S.: Voting is hiring! So vote for John Sweeney.

(This information furnished by John Sweeney)