OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Computer programmer; planning analyst; attorney

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.A. Mathematics, New York University; J.D., Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Board of Directors, Portland Community College, 1999-present; Judge Pro Tem; Board of Trustees, Portland Community College Foundation.

LEADERSHIP: Doreen has served as President of the Oregon Community College Association, an association of Board Members and Presidents from Oregon's 17 community colleges. Doreen is currently on the Board of Directors of the Association of Community College Trustees, a national non-profit educational organization representing over 1200 community colleges. She is working with educational institutions throughout the nation to strengthen community colleges.


VISION: Doreen will work to maintain excellence at Portland Community College. PCC is the largest institution of higher education in Oregon. Doreen will work to maintain the affordability and accessibility of the lower division transfer courses, technical career courses and lifelong learning courses at PCC. She wants to make sure that PCC offers everyone in our community educational opportunities. Doreen wants PCC to continue to work with business and industry to ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of technology as we look towards the future. In these challenging times for public education Doreen will look for options to strengthen the financial support of community colleges.

"I am proud to serve the community as a member of the PCC Board of Directors. I care about our students. I will work to ensure that PCC continues to provide the best value in education to Oregonians."

Doreen is endorsed by the Portland Community College Faculty Federation AFT, AFT-Oregon, AFL-CIO and the Portland Community College Federation of Classified Employees, Local 3922, AFT, AFT-Oregon, AFL-CIO.

Doreen and her husband, author Phillip Margolin, have lived in Southwest Portland for 34 years. They have two adult children.


(This information furnished by Doreen Margolin)


OCCUPATION: Owner/Manager of the Tygh Valley Group LLC.- a business development consulting organization.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Director Engineering, Planar Systems Inc.; Vice President of Engineering, Lightware Inc.; President & CEO, InControl Solutions Inc.; Chief Operating Officer, Systematic Designs International Inc.; Vice President of Engineering, InFocus Systems Inc.; Chief Operating Officer, E-Machines Inc.; Business Unit General Manager, Tektronix, Inc.; Board of Directors, InControl Solutions Inc.; Member of the planning team for the Digitization of Healthcare economic development cluster; Founding member of the Oregon Display System Consortium; former member of the Strategic Planning Team for Roosevelt High School.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Ashland, Oregon, Senior High School Graduate; BS in Electrical Engineering, Oregon State University; MS in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Business, Oregon State University PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Appointed to the Board of Directors, Worksystems Inc.- 1999-2005 (Chair of the Board 2001-2003, Chair of the Youth Council 1999-2001); Appointed to the Board of Directors, Oregon Quality Initiative- 1992-1995; Appointed to the Board of Directors, Lintner Center for Advanced Education- 1991-1994

A strong economy requires a skilled workforce. In a global economy economic success will require a workforce that can also quickly adapt to changes. PCC will play a vital role in training and retraining our globally competitive workforce. I have worked in the private sector and in public sector workforce development. I believe that my experience can help bridge the gap between business and education.

(This information furnished by David C. Squire)