OCCUPATION: Evergreen Remodeling, Inc- co-owner of a small construction company. Office details include processing paperwork, creating a budget, paying expenses, issuing invoices, following contract changes with Government contracts, bidding materials and sub-contractors, filing taxes and scheduling work. Hands on work includes all aspects of labor involved with construction projects.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Lincoln City Physical Therapy: receptionist; McDowCo: real estate assistant; Corning/ Revere: manager

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of Oregon: BA Marketing; University of Oregon: BA Management; Toledo High School: diploma; Continuing education for DEQ and CCB licenses


I have a son attending Corbett High school and another that recently graduated from the District and is now a student at Mt. Hood Community College. Corbett School District has gone through massive changes in the last two years and will be facing major decisions regarding the direction it will be going in the near future.

As a parent and community member who has been attending the school board meetings this year I believe the District could benefit from a more open, free-flow exchange of information during the meetings. Members living both in and out of our District have expertise in various areas that they could bring to the meetings either as community citizens advisory committees, or as presentations on specific areas of concern for the District.

I would like to see citizen's concerns addressed following a meeting and follow up taken at the next meeting regarding answers given to the parent or community member who has the concern. Microphones so all who attend can hear the meeting, breaks during information cycles to ask the attending audience if they have questions or comments on what has been said and an atmosphere that welcomes those who attend the meetings.

I would like the chance to represent the community and provide information to those who are needing answers.


(This information furnished by Victoria Purvine)

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