OCCUPATION: Vice President/ Operations Manager of Price Industrial Service Company, Inc.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Vice President/Operations Manager- Price Industrial (1979-Present); David Douglas Citizen Advisory Committee (2000-2007); David Douglas Budget Committee (2000-2006)

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: 1979 graduate David Douglas High School; 1980 MT. Hood Community College Business Administration classes; AED/CPR first aid certification.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: David Douglas School Board (2007- Present); David Douglas Citizens Advisory Committee (2000-2007); David Douglas Budget Committee Member (2000-2006)

Who is Mike Price? Mike has been a resident of the David Douglas School District for 43 years. He attended and graduated from David Douglas High School. Mike and Lori have been married for 27 years. They have three children who have all attended schools in the district since kindergarten and graduated from David Douglas High School.

• Mike will be your voice on the board to maintain excellence even with a smaller budget.
• Mike will vote to give your children the highest quality education they deserve. Children are our future leader, they deserve the best opportunity to succeed and become self-reliant citizens.
• Your voice to find ways to reduce the budget without jeopardizing a quality education is Mike's voice on the board.
• Mike supports the integration of Charter Schools, increased use of technology and the wise use of traditional schools to help offset cuts and maintain the high standard of academic achievement.
• He supports programs like music, arts, athletics, after school programs and Portland Parks Recreation activities.
• Maintain excellence in our education while using money wisely,Mike Price is the candidate who can be your voice.
• Please vote for me Mike Price Position #5.

Where Mike Stands: Mike has proved to be y our voice on the board and adovocates for:
• efficient use of tax dollars • high academic standards • community involvement and values • Success for every student • advancements in technology


(This information furnished by Committee to elect Mike Price)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.