OCCUPATION: Insurance agent

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Daycare director, 50+ students; Small business owner, 7 employees

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Chabot Junior College - AA; Simpson College (University) BA - Bible Literature major, Education minor


Every taxpaying family deserves a voice at the table.

I have lived and worked in the David Douglas District since 1979. I have a child at Mt. Hood Community College and my grandchildren are attending school. My wife and I are dedicated to bringing the best education to our children and helping them achieve their future dreams. I will work equally hard in the best interest of working families as together we deal with the current budget crisis while striving for the highest academic standards.

This is why I am running.

We have serious economic issues, and we must turn over every leaf, look at the situation from every aspect, and make a way that will improve our children's education while working within the budget.

This demands that our schools be ESSENTIAL, EFFECTIVE, and EFFICIENT.

• ESSENTIAL – Are we focused on the vital basics of purpose and mission? Items not essential to the core function must be reduced or eliminated.
• EFFECTIVE – Are we getting the job done, completely and with excellence? Are we consistently defining, refining and achieving success?
• EFFICIENT - Are we maximizing existing resources? If a program is both essential and effective, can we refine the process for greater efficiency?

We must approach every aspect of the budget with this test in mind and make sure that our students and the working families who support them are served by a first-class academic education and one that is economically sound.

If you agree that you deserve a voice at the table when your dollars are being spent and that our students deserve a world-class education, please vote for me, John Payne.

You can reach me at:


(This information furnished by John Payne)

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