OCCUPATION: Retired Mathematics Teacher substituting and tutoring in Gresham - Barlow School District

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Education Professional - taught mathematics at Portland Community College, Fairfax County Public Schools, Prince George's County Public Schools, Alexandria City Schools, and Southwestern Michigan College. Tutorial Coordinator, Special Services Program, Western Michigan University. In additional classroom teaching, reviewed individual ability and then assisted students to overcome deficiencies in preparation for state standardized tests and entry into honors and/or AP courses

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Western Michigan University, BA–Mathematics, Philosophy; Graduate School at Western Michigan University – Anthropology; Commonwealth of Virginia Collegiate Professional License


Parent Member, Task Force for Elementary Education to develop a seven-year plan for education goals and strategies, appointed by school principal. Member of Stand for Children and Sleep in Fairfax (working for later start times for teens); Board of Trustees 2002-2005 Mount Vernon Unitarian Church, Alexandria, VA; Board of Trustees 1998-1999 First Unitarian Church, South Bend, IN

  • Charity Work - Finance Team Lead for global organization “Can't Stop the Serenity” 2010
  • Special Guest Coordinator for “Can't Stop the Serenity - Portland” 2008 and 2009, supporting reading programs, civil protection for women and girls, and autism research.
  • Local event also supports the Oregon Food Bank.


As a teacher in diverse school districts, and as the mother of three great-hearted and competent adult children, I am keenly aware of the tough decisions that need to be made to educate and empower our children while operating within a budget. Because our focus needs to be caring for and preparing our children, we need to look at the most proven success strategies for all our children, and how we may get there with the resources we have. – Nance Cedar


Guarantee all students in the Gresham-Barlow public schools a welcoming and enriching school environment and an education that will prepare them for the next part of their lives.

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