OCCUPATION: Policy consultant

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Director of Public Affairs, Portland Habilitation Center (a non-profit that offers training and employment to the disabled), Field representative for Seafarers International Union and AFSCME; Manager of Reliable Shoe, Inc.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of Washington, B.A.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Chief of Staff to Commissioner Gary Hansen; Dir. Intergovernmental Relations, Multnomah County Sheriff; Strategic Planner, Multnomah County Aging Services

PERSONAL: Mike and his wife, Lori, have lived in SE Portland for 23 years. Daughters Claire and Jill have attended neighborhood public schools: Laurelhurst, Fernwood and Grant High school.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Mike serves on the Archimedes Movement Citizen Leadership Council/We Can Do Better (a non-profit dedicated to reforming health care) and the Multnomah County's District Attorney's citizens budget advisory.

Mike has earned my support because of his citizen involvement, commitment to hard work and a dedication to getting the best results for our tax dollars at MESD.
Jeff Cogen, Multnomah County Chair

"Mike has worked hard to effect leadership changes and make MESD more responsive to the voters in Multnomah County
-Harry Ainsworth, chair MESD

" We strongly feel that Mike has brought about the transparency that the public begs for when it comes to making decisions and that he has been instrumental in bringing about that change in equity that was needed at the MESD" Nanette Cooper, AFSCME Local 1995

Mike's Top Priorities

  • Health Care – MESD needs to continue to provide affordable and accessible health care to the county's students
  • Environmental Education – strongly supports Outdoor School which was a highlight of his daughters' middle school experience (Mike's daughters went to Arra Wanna and Sandy River . Mike went to Camp Canby Grove).
  • Ensuring that budget cuts don't impact kids in the classroom.

Supporters include:
Representative Jefferson Smith and Representative Ben Cannon
Annette Mattson, David Douglas School District board
AFSCME Local 1995 MESD employees
Portland Association of Teachers (TVIP)
Fred Sanchez, Gateway Business
Rebecca Levison, PAT President

Read about Mike and his goals at www.mikedelman.com


(This information furnished by Mike Delman)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.