OCCUPATION: Floral Consultant; Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Florist shop owner - 25 years; Operations Coordinator - Real Estate - 3 years; Title Officer/Supervisor - 14 years; Radio Sales; Chair of Beaverton Education Committee - 2 years; Customer Service - Home Builder; Order Clerk - Printing; Commercial grower - flowers and timber

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Newberg High School; Behnke-Walker Business College

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Public Works Advisory Committee; Precinct Committee Person

Today families and businesses struggle to survive. It is critical to provide excellent education to all students efficiently. It is important to prioritize and demand the greatest benefit for our hard earned dollars through cooperation between educators, teachers, business and community.

This is why I am running.

I participated in funding a facility for the mentally challenged. When my mother had a stroke, I closed my floral shop to care for her 24/7. I have advocated for the medically challenged.

I worked with schools, teachers and businesses to create the Make America Better Program and a $10,000 scholarship fund for Construction Class students. I have a vision for creating this kind of cooperation.

It is my obligation to evaluate programs with discernment and wisdom, while being a steward of your hard earned dollars. I will encourage utilizing new technologies and exploring ways to deliver education efficiently and manage those dollars wisely.

We've seen tough times. I have. We've had successes AND failures. I have. We must take those experiences and live up to the vision of expanded opportunities for these students so they can reach their full potential.

Thank you for your vote on May 17th while I push for:

  • Community, business, educator and teacher cooperation and involvement
  • Efficient management of programs and funds that reflect our highest values
  • Strategies to equip our students to thrive in the future, for they are our future

(This information furnished by Kay L. Bridges)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.