OCCUPATION: Internet Presence Manager, Forward Support

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Web Designer; Reporter, Alvin Newspapers; Constituent Services Manager, U.S. Congressman Nick Lampson; Managing Editor, Santa Fe Newspapers

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Mt. Hood Community College; University of Houston; College of the Mainland

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Fire Subcommittee, Rental Inspection Task Force, Gresham; Neighborhood Association President, NE Gresham; Elected Precinct Committeeperson

"Voters should elect a candidate who reflects the District. Jenni Simonis is the only candidate who does." Jim Robison, Multnomah County Democratic Party Chair, 2000-2004

Jenni is a small businesswoman

Jenni is a partner in a small business that offers services to non-profits, community groups, and other small businesses. She has helped numerous organizations update and expand their web presence, bringing in new volunteers and business.

Jenni is active in the community

Jenni served on a workgroup that developed specifics for the rental inspection program, a subcommittee on fire safety, and as a neighborhood president. She has also been through the process twice for appointment to the Gresham City Council and ran for a position in 2008.

"Jenni has impressed me as a person who is dedicated to improving the community. We would do well in electing her to the MHCC board." Richard A. Strathern

Jenni is a mother

Jenni and her husband are the parents of a third grader in the Gresham-Barlow School District. Jenni volunteers at her daughter's elementary, helping with fundraising events and preparing materials for teachers.

Jenni is connected to the college

To help expand the projects available to her, Jenni enrolled at MHCC in 2009. Since then, she has seen much that can be improved and changed to better the school. These changes will put more dollars into instruction, bring community back into the college and make it a resource for businesses and those looking to improve their job skills.

"I know Jenni to be hard working and willing to take a stand for people struggling to improve their lives." Rep. Jefferson Smith

(This information furnished by Friends of Jenni Simonis)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.