OCCUPATION: Vice-President, Operations, Northwest College of Construction, 12/05-present

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Over twenty five years in private, nonprofit and public employment services and adult education.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University California Santa Barbara, BA, History; University of Phoenix, MA, Organizational Management

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Parkrose School Board, Vice-Chairman, 2010-present; Parkrose School Board, 2007-present; Parkrose Educational Foundation, President, 2003-2004; Parkrose Educational Foundation, Vice-President, 2004-2005

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the Parkrose District as a soccer coach, President and Vice-President of the Parkrose Educational Foundation, and on the Parkrose School Board as Board Member and Vice-Chairman.

Parkrose residents have much to be proud of. Over the course of the last four years the state academic rating for Parkrose High School has gone from the lowest possible rating to the highest possible rating, participation in arts and music have grown dramatically, the athletic program has gone from one of the worst in the state to competitive in virtually every sport, our elementary schools have won awards for excellence, and community and volunteer participation is growing.

Exciting new opportunities are developing. Passage of the bond measure will allow us replace our aged middle school and provided long needed renovation of our elementary schools, and, as a result of generous donations from the City of Portland and private donors, Parkrose School District will soon be able to begin construction of a regional soccer center.

However, significant challenges remain. Experienced leadership will be required to cope with continued cuts in funding that will challenge the district for the foreseeable future.

With your support, I hope to participate in the ongoing improvement of our schools and the development of systems that will allow our students to create successful lives and provide them with the tools they require to become tomorrow's leaders.

Thank you for your support.


(This information furnished by Guy K Crawford)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.