OCCUPATION: Program Counselor, University of Portland School of Engineering

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: At University of Portland since 1990

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: BA, English, University of Portland, 1998


More than 20 years ago I began my career in the field of higher education. While I am based at the University of Portland, I have enjoyed meeting with students and faculty from many of the area community colleges and am very supportive of the vital work they do. Community colleges offer the post-secondary education most accessible to and closest to the great majority of people. They provide everything from the foundation for transferring to a four year school to English as a Second Language to recreation and parenting classes. They are an integral part of the educational fabric of the state. I myself have benefitted from community college classes and want to give back by sharing my two decades of educational experience, commitment and caring as a member of the Portland Community College board.

I consider it a great privilege to work with people of all races, ethnicities, religions, and ages. I especially find it rewarding to watch my students “grow up” over the years they are here. I believe I can bring practical experience and a fresh viewpoint to the board. I will close with the citation I received last year from the University of Portland: “On the occasion of this celebration of 20 years of diligent and deft labor as a University employee, and for the personable manner in which she has been friend and colleague to students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni of the University. Such labors have provided stability, vision, and discipline to the University and have greatly advanced it in the eyes of the city, state and nation. To this valued member of the University's family, all thanks and much respect.”

I would greatly appreciate your vote: Kitty Harmon for Portland Community College Board Position 2. Thank you.


(This information furnished by Kitty C. Harmon)

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