OCCUPATION: Licensed Realtor

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Network-Engineer (CCNA/CCDA); IT Consultant; Software Developer (CST); Administrative Clerk, Bonneville Power Administration; Photographer, Bonneville Power Administration

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland Community College, Paralegal Program 2009-present; Portland Community College, Real Estate License Program, 2003; Portland Community College, AA General Studies, 1985; Reed College, 1982-1983; Jefferson High School, 1980-1982

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Precinct Committee-Person #3097, 1992 to Present (with interruption); Student Representative on King-Albina Campus-Community Safety Committee; Published flyer + website for Committee to start Art on Alberta/Last Thursday; ASPCC Student Government, 1984-1985

     The Durrow's have been residents of Portland since about the time of the Vanport Flood. I've lived in the N.E. Portland community for almost 31 years, and in the same home for the last 28. When my mother first settled my family in Portland, she was a participant in the PCC displaced homemakers program. Over the years, everyone in my family has gone to PCC at one time or another. In fact, my mother made her career there and works for PCC to this day. Portland Community College is an integral part of my life, and I owe the college and it's people a debt I will never fully repay.

     I believe that we can reinvigorate PCC's spirit, on the college's 50th-anniversary, if we focus on six basic ideas:




     Healthy Choices.

     Expanding Programs that Work; and

     Living Wages.

     Every once in a while we seem lose our way and forget our purpose. Such occasions are opportunities to remember the spirit of community that makes us strong. Thank-you for this opportunity and regardless of whom you vote for in this election, I urge you to vote.




(This information furnished by Michael (Micro) Wedel Durrow)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.