OCCUPATION: Architect / Owner; AKAAN Architecture + Design LLC, St Helens, Oregon

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Agoos/Lovera Architects, Philadelphia, PA; Cassway Albert Architects Ltd., Philadelphia, PA; Architecture Instructor, King Mongkud's University of Technology - School of Architecture, Bangkok Thailand; Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Houston, School of Architecture; ESL Instructor, Instituto de Estudios Internationales, Seville, Spain; ESL Instructor, Centro Norte Americano, Seville, Spain; ITT/Henze, Deer Island, Oregon; Columbia Powder Company, Clatskanie, Oregon; Tide Creek Rock, Deer Island, Oregon;

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of Houston, Master of Architecture, College of Architecture, Valedictorian, 1996; Oregon College of Architecture and Design; University of Oregon, Bachelor of Arts; Linguistics, Spanish Language, English as a Second Language (ESL); Portland Community College, (various courses over 20 years); St Helens High School, Diploma;

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: St Helens Planning Commission (current); St Helens Historical Landmarks Commission (current); ODOT U.S. Highway 30 Safety Corridor Working Group (current); St Helens Old Town Architectural Character Commission;

Al will promote the expansion of technical training programs so that Oregon has a highly skilled, globally competitive workforce. A strong economy requires a skilled workforce that can adapt to meet new opportunities in a global marketplace. Oregon is a leader in energy efficiency, green and sustainable practices. Al will emphasize the expansion of high tech, green technologies and the creation of more educational opportunities in the underserved areas of the PCC district.

Portland Community College has served the greater Portland community since 1968 and is currently providing broad educational opportunities in Portland's urban areas. However PCC's service area also covers large portions of Columbia, Washington, Yamhill, and Clackamas Counties where there is little access to such opportunities. Al will promote the expansion of PCC's educational services into these high unemployment, low opportunity areas.

Henry Heimuller, Columbia County Commissioner;
Earl Fisher, Columbia County Commissioner;
Mayor Randy Peterson, City of St Helens;
Phillip Barlow, St Helens City Commissioner
Douglas Morten, St Helens City Councilman;
Sheila Semling, Oregon Workforce Alliance, St Helens Planning Commission;


(This information furnished by William (Al) Petersen)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.