OCCUPATION: Network Security Manager (10+ years) - Oregon Air National Guard; Freelance Photographer

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Budget Analyst - Oregon Air National Guard (10+ years to include Facilities (Building) Management); Instructor - Clark College Community Education Dept.; Instructor - Evergreen Educational Service District

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Lewis & Clark College - Masters work in Counseling Psychology; Portland State University - B.S. Psychology 2007; Portland Community College - General Studies; Community College of the Air Force - A.S. Information Systems (Network) 2004; University of Oregon - General Studies; Grant H.S. - Diploma - General Studies 1979

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: 22 years Federal Service with the Oregon Air National Guard, with responsibilities in Logistics, Facility Management, Budget Analysis, and Network Administration and Management. Four (4) years with the United State Air Force, with responsibilities of Database Administration, Manpower Management, and General Administration.

Running for this volunteer position will be one of the largest investments in time that I probably will make in my life, the other being a parent. Both are linked: it's about the kids and not a personal agenda.

We need to modernize the schools, no doubt. We need to do this economically, and this will call for creativity, innovation, and setting aside our differences for the sake of those that will be taking care of the city and it's residents far into the future. We have to set a positive example of the value of education. That education can be in Sciences, Mathematics, Music, Trade Skills, Information Technology, or a number of other disciplines to prepare the students for life - not just college. The cost for college is expensive today, and we can't let those students down that may not desire a four year college education. But they have to be educated for life, and not just pushed through school in order to set a positive metric for a panel that views the schools' success rate on.

I'm not only asking for your vote, but also your participation afterwards to help our schools and our kids.

(This information furnished by Larry C. Lawson)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.