OCCUPATION: Nonprofit program assistant

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Market research analyst; office manager

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Yale University, B.A. & Master's

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Portland School Board (2007-present)

PORTLAND SCHOOLS EXPERIENCE: Portland Public Schools parent since 1996; PTA president; classroom volunteer; parent leader


  • Hired School Superintendent and holding her accountable to move teaching and learning in a positive direction despite many challenges
  • Balanced the school budget and used performance audits, ensuring taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and effectively
  • Championed policies and programs to promote equity and eliminate the achievement gap

Ruth's top priorities are improving outcomes for every student:

  • Overseeing strategic investments to support student progress at key milestones in their education
  • Increasing the graduation rate through targeted supports, quality curriculum, and high expectations
  • Reforming hiring and evaluation systems to ensure every student has outstanding teachers and principals who are supported to do their best work

“As parents and community leaders, we value Ruth's relentless focus on equity and excellence for all children.”

-- Otto Schell, Beryl Morrison, Will Fuller, Neisha Saxena, Jenny Owen, Roger Devine, Lisa Sloan, and Craig Williams


“Ruth's experience and steady leadership will strengthen our schools, and strong schools mean a thriving local economy for businesses like ours.”

-- Small business owners Mike Roach and Elizabeth Snow McDougall


“As teachers, we know and respect Ruth's dedication to excellent education for all students.”

-- Portland teachers Laura Taiby and Rob Herder


“I have been honored to serve the children and voters of Portland as a School Board member since 2007. I am eager to work for another four years to improve our schools, and I ask for your continued support.”

-- Ruth Adkins



Stand for Children; Portland Association of Teachers/TVIP; County Chair Jeff Cogen; Commissioners Amanda Fritz, Dan Saltzman, and Nick Fish; State Senators Diane Rosenbaum and Suzanne Bonamici; Representatives Mary Nolan, Jules Bailey, Michael Dembrow, and Ben Cannon; and parents, neighbors, senior citizens and community leaders across Portland!


(This information furnished by Ruth Adkins for School Board)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.