OCCUPATION: Independent Contractor

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Daimler Trucks North America; Northwest Pump & Equipment

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University, BS - Business Administration

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Centennial School District Board of Directors, 2001 to present; Oregon School Boards Association, Governance Committee, 2007 to present; Oregon School Boards Association, PACT board, 2006 to present; Oregon Schools Activity Association, Executive board, 2008 to present

Schools and education are in a severe state pandemonium and school boards need to be on the front line to make sure the educational system is preserved. This will take diligence and the fortitude to stand up to those who are resistant to align themselves with promises made to the children of this State.

Education is not like a business that is losing demand for their product or services. The need for educational services is constant. For many years schools have be bringing this fact to the Senate and House that there has to be adequate and stable funding.

Now the hen has come home to roost. Do not cut funding! Do not cheat this group of kids their right to have a decent education.


(This information furnished by Roger Ernstrom)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.