Year End Reports

LPSCC prepares periodic reports to detail the progress and activities of the Executive Committee, its affiliated workgroups, and staff. These reports are also used to set new directions for the Council.

FY 2018 Year End Report (3.95 MB)

2016-2017 Year End Report (4.65 MB)

2015 Year End Report

2014 Year End Report

2010-2012 Report LPSCC 2010-2012 Report (489.4 KB) (pdf) Appendix  Public Safety Trends March 2012 (308.52 KB)

2009 Year End Report 2009 Year End Report (637.59 KB) (pdf) 2009 Year End Report (637.59 KB) Appendices (pdf): A Appendix A (129.39 KB) B Appendix B (121.35 KB) C Appendix C (171.9 KB) D Appendix D (14.2 KB) E Appendix E (15.75 KB)

Two Year Report: 2007 & 2008 (pdf) 2007-2008 Report (741.54 KB)

Ten Year Report: 1996 - 2006 (pdf) 10 Year Report 1996-2006 (839.36 KB)

Strategic Plans

Department of Community Justice (2011-2013) Strategic Plan Full Report (1.71 MB)

Multnomah County Public Safety Plan (2008)

DSS-J Strategic Plan (2010) DSS-J Strategic Action Plan (170.42 KB)

Healthy Communities Gang Prevention Plans: Portland gangs_final_report_09-04 (436.02 KB)and Gresham gangs_final_report_gresham_6-30-04 (363.75 KB)(2004)

Other Documents

Pretrial Release and Misconduct of Felony Defendants in Multnomah County pt_misconduct_by_releasetype_analysis20100525 (107.3 KB)

If crime is dropping, why isn't our workload?: A 2000 report by the LPSCC Evaluation Committee

Document Archive

The LPSCC Document Archive hosts many documents created by or presented to LPSCC that are no longer current.