Notice - September 2017 meeting cancelled due to health advisory

Out of concern for committee members' health, Mental Health and Addiction Services Division has cancelled its September 2017 AMHSAAC meeting. The Eagle Creek wildfire has created unsafe air conditions, causing Multnomah County to declare a state of emergency.

Anyone with lung problems such as asthma or emphysema should follow their disease management plans, have medications on hand, and contact healthcare providers if necessary. The best way to avoid breathing problems or other symptoms when the air quality is poor is to stay inside. If you must be outdoors, avoid intense activity. 

Our next scheduled meeting will take place October 2017. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Adult Mental Health and Substance Abuse Advisory Council (AMHSAAC) is made up of consumers, advocates, mental health and addiction providers, public partners and family members. AMHSAAC makes recommendations to the Mental Health and Addiction Services Division about the adult system of care. Oregon Statute 430.630 (7) requires every community mental health program to have such a group to ensure that consumers and their families can provide input about the mental health and addiction services available in their county.

Also required by Oregon Statute, AMHSAAC acts as the local alcohol and drug planning committee, meaning they can review the applications of new addiction treatment providers in Multnomah County and give input to the state. The state, however, must give final approval of applications.

AMHSAAC meets the first Wednesday of each month from 10 am to 12 pm in the Willamette/Columbia Conference Room of the Lincoln Building, located at 421 SW Oak St. in Portland.

AMHSAAC Meeting Minutes

AMHSAAC bylaws (48.8 KB)

AMHSAAC Recorder

Quality Management Office Assistant - 503-988-2996


Amy Anderson - AMHSAAC Co-Chair

Carolyn Anderson - AMHSAAC Co-Chair