Is Larch Mountain Road open?

Larch Mountain Road is CLOSED at the snow gate near milepost 10 due to concerns related to 2017's Eagle Creek fire. It is now expected to reopen in late spring 2019, but this depends on weather and other conditions. The US Forest Service and Multnomah County Sheriff's Office must approve the reopening.

About Larch Mountain Road

Larch Mountain Road is the highest road in Multnomah County’s jurisdiction, reaching an altitude of 4055 feet in east county.

In winter, the county closes public access to recreation areas off upper Larch Mountain Road by installing a snow gate near milepost 10.  The gate prevents drivers from getting stuck in the snow at upper elevations and reduces snow removal costs in this non-residential area. Due to the Eagle Creek Fire, the road is currently closed near the milepost 10 snow gate. Offroad areas near Larch Mountain Road are also closed due to the fire. The upper portion of the road is closed due to environmental damage and safety risks related to the fire.

Normally, the upper section of the road reopens for recreational users in late spring at the end of the snow season.  Reopening the gate provides vehicle access all the way to the view parking lot at milepost 14.5 and the walking trail to Sherrard Point.

Additional Information

Some areas of the Columbia River Gorge, including Larch Mountain trails, remain closed due to damage from the Eagle Creek Fire in 2017.  Areas are reopening to the public throughout the year.  Check these websites for current information: