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The purpose of the Adopt-A-Road program is to provide citizens of Multnomah County an opportunity to control litter and to improve the appearance of the roads in their community.

Program in Brief

A group (or individual) may adopt a road segment, up to three miles in length, for litter control for three years. The group agrees to adhere to the rules and guidelines of the program and obtain a permit from the Right-of-Way Permit Section. Variables, such as length of road segment or scope of work, will be defined within the permit. The County will furnish some equipment, but the group will also be responsible to be properly equipped (clothing, water, etc.). There are no fees to the participants. Refuse disposal cost will be paid by the County. The group will be recognized with signs placed on the road segment for the duration of their permit.

Definitions of Roles

An Applicant is defined as the individual or group interested in adopting a section of highway.

The County is the Land Use and Transportation Program with the Adopt-A-Road program being administered by the Right-of-Way Permit Section.

A Group is defined as including individuals, organizations, clubs, firms, or partnerships.

A Participant is defined as an individual or member of a group actually performing work on the road section under this program.

The Primary Group Coordinator is defined as the lead individual representing the group.

The Secondary Group Coordinator represents the group as the alternate Group Coordinator.

The Right-of-Way Permit Supervisor is the County’s representative who administers the applicant’s permit.

The Road Maintenance Coordinator is the County’s representative who coordinates the day to day operation of the Adopt-A-Road program.

The Adopt-a-Road Program Leaders are the County’s representative who will assist the Group’s mandatory safety training.