The following are the main Road Maintenance Programs and Services:

Surface Maintenance Program
Asphalt, concrete and paving; chip/crack sealing; contract overlay preparation; and street sweeping

Drainage Maintenance Program
Catch basin cleaning; culvert cleaning/installation; ditch cleaning; and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) monitoring

Emergency Maintenance
24 hour response/7days a week; emergency response; snow removal/sanding/anti-icing; and washout/slide repair

Right-of-Way Program
"One Call" locates; Adopt-A-Road Program; guardrail repair; litter removal; and shoulder grading/re-rock

Maintenance Support Program
Equipment maintenance; equipment moving; and stock-piling

Vegetation Management
Chemical and mechanical controls of the right-of-way. View the  Integrated Vegetation Management Plan (403.96 KB).

Traffic Aids
Fabrication and maintenance of signs for roads and county facilities; pavement markings

Road Maintenance and Operations Manual
Best management practices to minimize environmental impacts