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Campaign Finance

The Oregon Secretary of State is the Campaign Finance office for all candidates and committees. All Campaign Finance information is filed with the Secretary of State. 

Candidates running for Multnomah County office:
On Nov. 8, 2016, voters amended the Multnomah County Charter to include limits on campaign contributions and the amount of money that can be spent to support or oppose candidates for Multnomah County office. The measure also requires various disclosures of contributions and spending. By their terms, both the Charter amendment and Ordinance become operative no later than September 1, 2017. Given the uncertainty due to the pending Court case, candidates for Multnomah County office are advised to seek private counsel to discuss individual needs. More information on Campaign Finance can be found by visiting the county’s website.


Campaign Finance Information - Oregon Secretary of State's Office

Note: Candidates who receive or spend $750 or less in a calendar year, act as their own treasurer and do not already have open principal campaign committee do not need to file campaign information.

Campaign Finance Archives

2007 to current - All campaign finance records maintained by the Oregon Secretary of State's office for all candidates and committees.  

2006 Campaign Finance Records - Archived Campaign Finance Records (PC1's) for 2006 available online

2005 and earlier - Campaign finance records are maintained by Multnomah County Archives.