Open Enrollment Logo for 2020Open Enrollment in Workday has ended!

Starts: Wednesday October 30th

Ends: Wednesday November 20th

Go to Workday to verify your benefits for next year. See anything wrong? Let the Benefits Office know ASAP!

Open Enrollment is the time to make benefit changes for next year and enroll in Flexible Spending Accounts.

What can I do during Open Enrollment?

  1. Change your medical/dental plan.
  2. Review your dependents:
    • Have you had family changes? Did you get married? Divorced? Need to add your child to Dental?
    • You must verify that only qualifying dependents are listed on your benefit plans: spouse, domestic partner, and children.
    • If you don’t remove an ineligible dependent you may be required to reimburse any expenses incurred while the dependent was ineligible.Workday Logo
  3. Enroll in a tax-saving 2020 flexible spending account:
    • Medical (MERP)
    • Dependent care (DCAP)
    • Parking/transit (TRP).
  4. Enroll or increase your supplemental life insurance. 

What's changing?

County benefits are bargained by your union. There are several unions whose medical and dental plans are changing effective 1/1/2020.

See plan changes by choosing your union page below or in the side menu.

Benefits Changes for 2020




    Life and Disability Insurance

    • Special enrollment to increase your Supplemental life insurance for up to $30,000 more than you have now, up to $200,000 total for yourself guaranteed (no medical questionnaire required)

    Flexible Spending Accounts: MERP/DCAP/TRP

    • Medical Expense FSA maximum increasing to $2,700 per year.
    • TRP Transit maximum increasing to $165 per month.
    • TRP Parking maximum increasing to $265 per month.