Open Enrollment for 2019 has ended.

Dates for 2020 Open Enrollment: Wednesday October 10th to Wednesday October 31st, 2019

This was your opportunity to:

  1. Change your medical/dental plan or add/remove family members.
    • Did you get married? Divorced? Need to add child to Dental?

    • Access the online change form sent in an email from  This email has a link specific to your benefits. 

  2. Enroll in 2019 flexible spending accounts: Medical (MERP), dependent care (DCAP), and parking/ transit (TRP or Commuter).
  3. Submit an affidavit to Opt out of a medical plan for 2019.
  4. Enroll or increase your supplemental life insurance.

You must have submitted all changes no later than Wednesday, October 31st.

View your current benefits in Workday Benefits application.

Detailed Changes by Bargaining Unit

See plan changes on your bargaining unit page.

Benefits Changes for 2019



    • For Local 88, MCCDA, and Non-Represented employees: your Kaiser medical plan is changing to Kaiser 10/20.
    • Other groups do not have significant medical/dental plan changes.
    • See bargaining unit pages below.


    • For Local 88, MCCDA, and Non-Represented employees: your Moda medical plan is changing to Moda PPO 400.
    • Other groups do not have significant medical/plan changes.
    • See bargaining unit pages below.

    Life and Disability Insurance

    Flexible Spending Accounts: MERP/DCAP/TRP

    • Medical Expense FSA maximum increasing to $2,650 per year.
    • TRP Transit maximum increasing to $160 per month.
    • TRP Parking maximum increasing to $260 per month.