African American family smiling in front of their homeMuch of what makes up student success happens outside the classroom. A student who is healthy and lives in a stable home is much more likely to succeed when the school bell rings.  SUN stands for Schools Uniting Neighborhoods and it is our goal to support school-aged children and families to make sure that the future is in good hands. 

Many people know about SUN Community Schools, neighborhood hubs for services that help students and families. If you're interested in what services are available near you, contact your local SUN community school coordinator

The broader SUN Services system also funds and provides services in homes, community-based organizations and libraries. Services include:

  • Free meal sites
  • Helping families get ready for kindergarten
  • Case management to help families live in a stable home
  • Culturally specific services and services for LGBTQ students
  • Energy assistance
  • Educational support and skill development or youth and adults
  • Youth and family advocates
  • Connection to health and mental health services, and more

About SUN Service System

SUN Service System LogoWho can participate

Most services through the SUN Service System are open to everyone. Some basic needs services (such as rent and energy assistance) have income eligibility requirements.

Where to access SUN services

Accessing SUN services can be different depending on the location. You can find and access local SUN Community Schools and services like food and energy assistance or click the map below.

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This nationally recognized system of care works to ensure families are healthy so they can champion and support their children. The SUN Service System collaboration is managed by Multnomah County.