SUN Service System Logo

The SUN Service System

SUN stands for Schools Uniting Neighborhoods. The SUN Service System (SUN) leads to educational success and family self-sufficiency through an integrated network of social and support services for youth, families and community members. This nationally recognized system of care works to ensure families are healthy so they can champion and support their children.

The SUN Service System collaboration is managed by Multnomah County. The full-service package of services aligned and accessible through SUN includes:

  • Academic Support & Skill Development for Youth
  • Early Childhood Programs
  • Parent-Family Involvement and Education
  • Anti-Poverty
  • Health
  • Mental Health & Addiction
  • Service Access, Information & Referral, and Linkage

SUN Community Schools

Within the SUN Service System, SUN Community Schools are the school-based delivery sites for a comprehensive set of services including educational, enrichment, recreational, social and health services.

A SUN Community School is not a program, but rather a place and support hub where schools and communities work together to support the success of children and families and provide a comprehensive array of services. 

SUN Community Schools serve as the vehicle to link community institutions, such as libraries, parks, community centers, neighborhood health clinics and area churches and businesses.