Steps to enroll in Benefit plans:

  1. Choose your plans.

  2. Enroll in all plans using Workday as part of your Hire - Onboarding process.

Step 1: Choose your plans



Step 2: Enroll in medical/dental, optional plans, and choose your life insurance beneficiary. 

Medical and Dental Coverage

  • Enroll using Workday - this will be part of your Hire - Onboarding process.
    • If enrolling spouse/domestic partner, you must submit Marriage/DP Affidavit webform.
      • Required within 31 days of hire.
    • Benefits start on the first of the month coincident with or following receipt of forms.
  • You can Opt-Out of medical coverage and receive a monthly incentive payment if you have other group health coverage.
  • Detailed information on medical/dental coverage (plan booklets, summaries of benefit coverages, and opt out details).

Life Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance

  • The County provides LTD insurance at no cost to you. This provides partial salary replacement due to an injury/illness after a 90 day period.
  • No forms are required for this benefit
  • Detailed information on LTD insurance.

Trimet Pass 

  • The County provides a Trimet Annual Pass to use on Trimet buses, MAX, Streetcar, Wes, Tram, and C-Tran non-express routes.
  • Pick up your pass at the Benefits Office on the 3rd floor of the Multnomah Building after receiving an email confirming it is ready.
  • Detailed information on the Trimet Pass Program.

Employee Assistance Program

  • RBH EAP is available to help county employees and their family members find solutions for everyday challenges.
  • Employees get 6 free counseling visits, access to a 24-7 Crisis Line: 1-866-750-1327,  and help with: work-life balance, home ownership, child & elder care, identity theft recovery, financial counseling, legal and mediation services, stress & resiliency, adapting to change, and more.
  • Go to:, access code: GoMultCo, or call 1-866-750-1327
  • No forms are required for this benefit.

Optional/Supplemental benefit plans:

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs): MERP, DCAP, and TRPs

An FSA reduces your tax burden and increases your take-home pay while setting aside money for eligible expenses.

  • MERP (Medical Expense Reimbursement Program)
    • Used for covered medical, dental, and vision expenses.
  • DCAP (Dependent Care Assistance Program)
    • Used for dependent care expenses such as childcare, preschool, afterschool programs, or eldercare.
  • TRPs (Transportation Reimbursement Plan)
    • Used for eligible parking and transit commuting expenses.
  • Enroll using Workday.
  • Detailed information on Flexible Spending Accounts.

Short Term Disability Insurance

  • This provides partial salary replacement due to an injury/illness after a 30 day period. 
  • You can apply at any time, but are guaranteed the 30 day waiting period if you enroll within 31 days of hire.
  • Enroll using Workday.
  • Detailed information on STD Insurance.

Supplemental Life Insurance

  • You can enroll in supplemental life insurance above your Basic life insurance to a maximum of $500,000 for yourself and $500,000 for your spouse/domestic partner.
  • You are guaranteed up to $200,000 of coverage and up to $50,000 spouse/domestic partner coverage if submitted within 31 days of hire.
  • Detailed information on Supplemental Insurance.

Long Term Care Insurance

  • LTC Insurance provides coverage if you need assistance while in a long term care facility, including home care.
  • You can apply for LTC at any time, but are guaranteed up to $6,000 and up to 6 years if submitted within 31 days of hire.
  • Email for an application.
  • Please visit Unum's LTC site for more details.