The Land Use Planning Counter at 1600 SE 190th is closed.

Right of Way Permit staff are still working and can be reached through the Right of Way Permit email at

Our fees are increasing on December 1, 2020. See our updated fee schedule for more details.

Permits are processed in the order in which they are received. They usually take about three weeks. The more complete the application, the quicker the permit will be processed.

Permit Applications

Right of Way Permit (363.17 KB)
For access (residential, commercial, agricultural or temporary construction);construction or reconstruction of sidewalks, curbs or curb drain outlets; and miscellaneous uses of public right-of-way.

Utility Permit (148.71 KB)
For utility work only in County right of way (electric, gas, sewer, water, communication, CATV, etc.)

Special Event on County Roads Permit (326.04 KB)
Athletic event, march, parade or other organized event requiring the use of a County road

Film/Video Permit (113.23 KB)
Approval for film, video or photo shoot on a County road

Bridge Special Event Permit Application (605.85 KB)
Athletic event, march, parade or other organized event or filming requiring the use of a County-maintained Willamette River Bridge. You may also review the Bridge Special Events Ordinance.

Overdimension and/or Overweight Trip Permit (162.16 KB)
Limited use overdimensional/overweight truck authorization to use County roads and bridges

Overdimension and/or Overweight Annual Permit (43.55 KB)
A revocable 364-day maximum approval for a particular overdimensional / overweight truck movement on authorized County roads and bridges

Supplemental Permit Documents

Insurance Requirements (34.5 KB)

Sample Certificate of Liability (1.12 MB)

Right-of-way Bond (33.5 KB)

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