Recent fires in Oregon and across the western United States have increased public awareness of the potential losses to life, property, and natural and cultural resources.  In August 2010, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) began working with Multnomah County Emergency Management, the City of Portland's Wildfire Technical Committee, local fire agencies, and community organizations throughout the County to develop an integrated Multnomah County Wildfire Protection Plan (MCWPP).  

The MCWPP is non-regulatory in nature, meaning that it does not set forth any new County policies.  It does, however, provide a starting point or foundation for coordination and collaboration among agencies and the public in the County to identify and prioritize future wildfire projects and assists in meeting federal planning requirements and qualifying for assistance programs.  The MCWPP works in conjunction with other County plans and programs, including the Multnomah County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan, Comprehensive Plan, and Emergency Operations Plan.

MCWPP Mission & Goals

The mission of the MCWPP is to integrate wildfire awareness into public outreach and education, emergency operations and vegetation management programs to promote actions that create safe communities and a more wildfire resilient landscape.  


  • Promote public awareness, understanding, and actions to reduce risk.
  • Reduce risk to people, property and environment.
  • Maintain a comprehensive, countywide risk assessment.
  • Support a disaster resilient economy.
  • Develop and maintain collaborative partnerships and funding strategies for implementing the MCWPP.

MCWPP Objectives

The MCWPP Steering Committee identified the following key objectives and assembled technical subcommittees to develop prioritized mitigation action plans (please see Table 1.1 MCWPP Action Plans in the document available below) to address them.

  • Assess the Wildfire Risk
  • Develop Hazardous Fuels Reduction and Biomass Utilization Projects
  • Enhance Emergency Response Operations
  • Involve the Community in Wildfire Prevention
  • Reduce Structural Ignitability through Regulatory Alignment

We've provided a downloadable copy of the MCWPP below.  If you have any questions about the MCWPP, you can contact us.

Michael Rieger/FEMA News Photo

Community Wildfire Protection Plan - Entire Document

Community Wildfire Protection Plan - Document Breakout