Plan Comparison Charts for 2020

2020 Medical Plan Comparison Chart (pdf)

2020 Dental Plan Comparison Chart (pdf)

2020 Medical/Dental Costs

These are the amounts taken from your paycheck every pay period.

2020 Medical/Dental Plan Costs for IUOE (pdf)

Premium Cost Changes

  • Kaiser: +4.8%
  • Kaiser Maintenance: +4.8%
  • Kaiser Dental: +2.7%
  • Moda Performance: +2.1%
  • Moda Preferred: +2.1%
  • Moda Major Medical: +2.2%
  • Delta Dental: -5.9%
    • Willamette Dental: 3.9%

    Kaiser Medical Plan Changes:

    • Out of area care: In areas without Kaiser affiliates, member can get prescriptions and office visits at CVS Minute Clinics.

    Moda Medical Plan Changes:

    • Moda has partnered with TruHearing for hearing aid discounts. Call TruHearing to make an appointment.

    Kaiser Dental Plan Changes:

    • Limited Implant Coverage: Covers up to $2,000 toward an implant, which can cost $5,000-$6,000 at Kaiser.  One implant is covered every 5 years.

    Willamette Dental Plan Changes:

    • Limited Implant Coverage: Covers up to $1,500 toward implant surgery and post placement, limited to one surgery per year.  Surgery cost is approximately $2,500. 

    Delta Dental Plan Changes:

    • Dentists will be covered providers to administer immunizations within the scope of their license.

    Increase your Supplemental Life Insurance

    • If you have less than $200,000 Supplemental life insurance you have an opportunity during open enrollment to increase your own coverage without providing medical information.
      • Only applies for up to $30,000 more than you have now to a total of $200,000.
      • Enroll during Open Enrollment in Workday beginning 10/30/19.
    • You can apply for Supplemental Life insurance at any time throughout the year up to $500,000, but must supply medical information for approval.

    Flexible Spending Accounts: MERP/DCAP/TRP

    • Medical Expense FSA maximum increasing to $2,700 per year.
    • TRP Transit maximum increasing to $165 per month.
    • TRP Parking maximum increasing to $265 per month.

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