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Voter Registration

Track Your Ballot

  • Track Your Ballot - Know where your ballot is in the voting process and get a virtual “I Voted” sticker. As a Multnomah County voter, you can sign up to receive alerts via text, phone or email. Know when your ballot is mailed out to you. After you vote and return your ballot, be alerted when it has been accepted for counting.  

Cancel my registration:

  • To cancel your Oregon voter registration in Multnomah County, please email, mail or fax us a signed Cancellation Form (61.06 KB). 
  • If you have moved out-of-state and are registering in your new state it is helpful if you list your previous Oregon registration information. The new state will then notify us. You can also send us a signed  Cancellation Form (84.5 KB) by email, fax or by mail.
  • If you wish to report a deceased person who was registered in Multnomah County, please send a copy of the death certificate to Multnomah County elections by mail, fax or by e-mail as a scanned document.

Elected Officials


Election Laws, Rules and Information